Revile in the Small Joys

My grandma is dead.

My mom is dead.

Too often people put things off thinking that they’ll have more time to enjoy things, to celebrate, etc. later …   but sometimes later doesn’t come.

I want to take my babies everywhere. I want to smile and play with them. I want to get all the kisses. All the hugs. I want to enjoy every beach day. I want to taste every delicious steak, warm tamal, awesome sweet …

Sometimes I look at my kids, and I think of when they were small. They are both young, but have changed so much over the last few months. The oldest is telling me what he wants, how we wants it, and is asking why it’s not done yet!  #Bossy Lol  My youngest is choosing outfits and telling me what she will and won’t eat. I love seeing them grow into who they are.

I will enjoy every bit of happiness I can get from life …    when it happens.

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