Space Center Adventure

Astronaut Mae Jamison

So far all of the space camps I’ve seen have been for children at least seven years of age space camps are held about 30 minutes outside or Orlando, FL). I can’t wait that long! Lol We’re thinking of taking the babies to the Kennedy Space Center. Apparently, there is a whole park to be explored.

I used the website to come up with this itinerary:

Kennedy Space Center 2

Kennedy Space Center 1

I think my four year old would be fine with it but I don’t think my two year old would care ….  at all. Lol  Anyone been?

I found some great images of Black astronauts. I also found this ten-slide lecture about Black astronauts online. We’ll be using these PowerPoint slides for sure. Since I was already looking, I also found a list of ten Black astrophysicists. My two year old has the makings of an engineer (loves to tinker and see how things work) but as Sheldon would say, “Why be an engineer when you could be a real scientist?”  I kiid! I kiid! Lol

Anyhoo ..   if anyone has taken a toddler and a preschooler to the Kennedy Space Center, please let me know about your experience.



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