Things I Would Have Liked To Do in Mass

When we started thinking about this trip to New England, I figured I’d hit the big cities and learn a bit more about American history. As it turns out, I should have thought a bit more about the small towns if I really wanted to learn about American history. Since we probably won’t get a change to see it, here are the places I would have liked to see:

Florence, MA – Sojourner Truth lived here. She made more than 100 trips into slave states to save her family and other enslaved people. After emancipation she worked as a spy.

Springfield, MA – Six Flags. We have season passes. It would have been nice to go.

Springfield, MA – Museums. There was a promotional pamphlet about Clifford the Big Red Dog and Dr. Seuss exhibits. There are five museums and you get into all of them for $25 per adult. Would have been nice.

Great Barington, MA – The childhood home of W.E.B. du Bois. I’m not a huge fan of his politics but he wanted Black folks to win so I give him all due respect.

Perhaps next time.

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