Hidden History Tours in New Orleans


You know I love learning about history and I really enjoy getting a more full and accurate picture of Black history. When we visited New Orleans, I wanted to learn more about the people that lived there but I couldn’t find a tour that I thought would show me the Black side of New Orleans. Imagine my surprise to have a friend from high school post about Hidden History Tours this afternoon.

Next time we’re in NOLA, I’d really like to go on the 1811 Slave Revolt  tour and the African Life in the French Quarter tour.  The Grand Tour  also sounds amazing:

Built by 50 different African nations, New Orleans is 297 years old. The tour highlights the period of French and Spanish rule, the Catholic Church as slave trader, the struggle for power by the Black Reconstruction government and its white allies, the counterrevolution during Reconstruction, the 1892 General Strike, the civil rights struggle and the struggle for self-determination today. 


Length of tour: 6 hours with about 65 sites and stops.  

Adults – $95/person  

Children (6 – 12) $50/person
Owwee! I can’t wait to return to New Orleans!

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