Dollywood Attempt #2 or Gatlinburg in the Rain

2018 TN Gatlinburg sign.jpg

We’ve been doing lots of work in the south so this our second attempt at going to Dollywood.  We booked a room, finished up our work in Louisville, KY, and headed on over to Pigeon Forge. By the time we realized that the weather said it would rain the whole time we were there, it was too late to cancel without penalty, so we soldiered on.

The first afternoon it rained so we stocked up on groceries, stopped in a shop that promised live alligators (there was one sleeping in a cage in the back but the crabs surprised us), and hung out in the room. My oldest wanted to swim but it was raining so I wouldn’t let him. How stupid did I feel when we drove out and saw people in the swimming pool …  in the rain ..  Lol

The next morning, we woke up, checked the weather, and realized it was gonna rain all day. In the past, we’d have donned some ponchos and headed out to Dollywood. Since the kids are so young, we thought we’d be responsible and choose an indoor activity. Our solution? The Ripley’s Aquarium.

2018 TN Gatlinburg Ripleys Aquarium kids in the tank.jpg

Its not that big but it was good enough for my two preschoolers to spend about 5 hours there. There are tanks, touch pools, a playground/climbing structure, and shows spread out over the day. There’s also a glass-bottom-boat ride for $10 per person that we didn’t get on.

2018 TN Gatlinburg Ripleys Aquarium glass bottom boat.jpg

It’s a small boat on top of the aquarium you can walk under/through for free.

2018 TN Gatlinburg Ripleys Aquarium Guillermo sting ray tank.jpg

You can feed the stingrays if you’d like or just play with them in the touch pool.

2018 TN Gatlinburg Ripleys Aquarium penguin Shay with the folks

The penguins were fun to hang out with.

2018 TN Gatlinburg Ripleys Aquarium dippin dots Michelle.jpg

The kids loved the Dippin Dots ice cream pouches.

2018 TN Gatlinburg Ripleys Aquarium mermaid show mid spin.jpg

The mermaid show was a hit.

2018 TN Gatlinburg Ripleys Aquarium pregnant seahorse on the ground.jpg

In the seahorse community, the men get pregnant and give birth.

2018 TN Gatlinburg Ripleys Aquarium shark.jpg

Walking under the shark talk was thrilling.

2018 TN Gatlinburg Ripleys Aquarium Guillermo playground with helper.jpg

I hope her parents realize what a wonderful person she is.

While our oldest was playing on the playground something good happened. There was a rope bridge that he wanted to cross and he was half way along when he started looking a little shaky. An older girl started to get on the bridge but saw him and stopped. Normally older kids run past him but this girl saw his hesitancy and helped out. She encouraged him to continue and when he reached her end, she helped him down. I was on the ground and they were up in the air. I mouthed “thank you” and gave her a thumbs up. A bit later, I noticed she was watching out for him. When he went to cross the bridge again, she went over and stopped another older girl from crossing, encouraged him, and asked the other girl to help him get down … and she did. It made my heart smile.

2018 TN Gatlinburg Mountain Mall sign Shay 1978.jpg

2018 TN Gatlinburg Mountain Mall NY Pizza.jpg

The best part about visiting the Ripley’s Aquarium was finding out that the parking behind the building was only $6 for the whole day! Most lots in Gatlingburg are $10 so this was a find. We parked, visited the aquarium, walked over to grab lunch at the NY Pizza spot in the Mountain Mall, and then walked back and visited the aquarium again.

2018 TN Gatlinburg Ripleys Aquarium parking.jpg

It was a fun day. As Black people visiting the hills of Tennessee, we worry. Upon arrival, we were happy and excited to see many other Black families. I hadn’t yet read this article about Black activism in the Appalachian mountains so I was surprised. We did see lots of Confederate flags and a few Trump shirts/hats but people were nice and no one denied us service or yelled at us. We did see a business sign that gave us pause so we didn’t support that business but everything else was fine.

2018 TN Gatlinburg Aunt Mahalias Candies sign.jpg

I still haven’t made it to Dollywood, so I’m sure we’ll be back. I look forward to it.


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