Date for Signing Placement Paperwork Set


This morning we got a call from our adoption worker saying that we have a date to sign our placement paperwork! I was hoping it was going to be this week but it turns out that it’s a few weeks away.

If you’ve adopted from foster care then you know that this is the last thing that has to happen before we can finalize the adoption. Last time, we got a finalization date a few weeks after our signing. We’re hoping that the same thing happens this time.



First Adoption Talk With Our Toddler


Last night I had my first honest-to-goodness talk with our oldest about his adoption and how he has two families. He’s still a toddler, so he didn’t care much (or probably grasp any of it) but they say it’s good to talk with them early so #1 you never have to have The Talk with them because there was never a time they didn’t know and #2 you get to practice and mess up before they can really understand and #3 you get to fortify your heart to explain why they are not living with the family they should be, at least biologically.

I was able to eek out a few sentences then I almost started crying. Having to share with another family AND tell them about it is going to be hard but I have to imagine how hard it will be for them to LIVE it. Ahhhhh … good times. #Adoption

Turns Out We Are NOT Licensed

I missed the call but I read the email: there was a problem with our license and could we please call.

Uh oh …

I called her social worker that told me that they were trying to move baby girl’s case from foster care to adoption but they couldn’t because it turned out that our home wasn’t licensed.  *blank stare*

I called the lady that came out and did our inspection. She told us that we still needed to complete eight hours of training each for our license to be valid. She also gave us thirty days to complete that training. That’s fine but I’m not sure why:

  • She didn’t say that when she came out here and did the inspection.
  • We didn’t receive a letter in the mail saying that we were NOT licensed and what we needed to do to become licensed.

Anyhoo …. it turns out that the free classes from our local community college don’t start up again until mid-January. It also turns out that we could take the classes online. We found a website where you can take classes for $10 each. I completed all eight hours in about 3.5 hours online for $40. Ugh …  if she would have said this a month ago it could have been taken care of a month ago.

I was worried that they were gonna come take baby girl away since our home wasn’t licensed. That was really scary. Thankfully, no one even mentioned that but I still wish licensing would have been upfront and clear from jump so this whole situation could have been avoided.

We Are Licensed!


We adopted from foster care last year. We were matched again this summer. We moved a month ago …. with a foster care placement that we hope to adopt.

After submitting our application incorrectly and then going up to the office THREE times to turn in paperwork, we are officially licensed to have children in our home again.

The lady was kinda mean on the phone but she was nice when she arrived. She spent about two hours poking around, asking to see things, and waiting while we turned down the heat on our water heater and while He rigged up the fireplace cover so the babies couldn’t get through it.

It was  a bit tense in the beginning but it ended perfectly lovely. I remember the other license person telling us that they really do want to pass you. They are looking for the house to be safe and livably clean, not perfect. We moved about a month ago but we haven’t been home much so boxes are EVERYWHERE. On top of that living with two toddlers and a 100 pound dog means our floors are rarely clean. She was okay with it and even complimented me on putting water in the baby’s juice (do any parents NOT do that?) so as not to give the baby too much sugar and to keep their teeth good (we exchanged stories about how people in Cambodia kept complimenting our baby’s teeth).

All in all it was a good time that ended with is being full licensed ….  again.





Grateful to Parent These Two

I don’t understand when people tell us (the parents) that our kids should be appreciative to have us. They have it backwards. It’s us (the parents) that are so grateful to be able to parent such wonderful kids.

Our oldest is a mature, confident toddler. Our youngest is a dynamic, energetic little toddler. They bring my heart such joy. Having the privilege to watch them laugh and play and grow and talk and eat and walk and live ….  it’s amazing.

It. Is. Amazing.

I’m crying as I write this because I don’t have the words to express myself well. They are both sleeping so I’d better shut up ..  Lol

They are just such wonderful beings and I’m grateful that I get to be here to see it all.



Apparently We Did It Wrong

We used to rent a three bedroom, three bathroom, two story house. The house was okay but the neighbors were annoying. We wanted to move after our son’s adoption was final but we knew we wanted to adopt again and it was intimated that the wait time for licensing to come back out would be long …  so we stayed.

Once you have a foster child in your home, licensing has to come back out to make sure the child is safe. A few months after we were matched with our daughter we started looking for a new house. We found a four bedroom, two bath (I know …  ugh …) single story house a few blocks away.

As soon as we signed the lease we sent an email to her social worker and our adoption worker.We knew we had to update (reapply??) with licensing so we did that as well. As usual, the property management company is being a bit of a challenge. To get a letter that says that they knew we’re doing foster care at the property (I submitted our foster care paperwork when we applied AND both children are on the lease) I was told that they would have to contact their legal department and have them draft a letter. *blank stare*

Yesterday I got a call from licensing. They seemed upset that we’d applied after we moved. How could we have applied before we moved? We didn’t have access to the house? They seemed upset that we didn’t have the letter from the property management company. They said we’d need to submit the letter once we got it.

I’m wondering how big a deal this is. Are we pay-a-fine in trouble or remove-the-child in trouble?

Anyone have any idea?



30 Adoption Stories in 30 Days – Come Meet Your Son

Remember I told you that our foster care – to- adoption story was accepted into the 30 Adoption Stories in 30 Days project?

Well, it’s live!

All told, we were matched and finalized in about a year. We were matched with a healthy newborn with the specific ethnicities that match our family. We worked with amazing social workers (the baby had three over the course of a year) and our super, duper amazing adoption worker. When we started, I would have said that a story like this couldn’t happen. There are a lot of negative ideas out there about adopting from foster care. Those stories may be part of the truth, but they are not the whole truth. This is our story.

Of course there is more to the story. Check out the whole shebang over at Chicago Now.