Non-Religious Meal Starters

Family-Saying-GraceI really like the idea of starting a meal by acknowledging how it got in front of us and being appreciative of that however I don’t pray before meals because I don’t pray. I rarely see things that interest me about ways to begin a family meal, but this article on secular grace caught my eye. The author offers a few ideas of secular meal starters (grace). This one is my favorite:

We are so grateful for this food,
it restores our strength,
it heals our bodies,
it fuels our brains.

We are so grateful for this time,
to renew our spirit,
to share our trials,
to find new strength.


I would change “grateful” to “appreciative” but other than that, I LOVE this! Atheists, agnostics and other non-religious folks what, if anything, do you say before you eat?

Black Love is Revolutionary

young_black_love_by_manassehart-d4xe3ep10Sometimes you read something that helps you think through your thoughts in a different way. I just read something that did just that.

Being that I’m Black and Mexican I tend to lump all people of color into one category. My mind doesn’t usually think specifically about Black people or Latino people because I’m a mish-mash and I see things as such, but everyone once in a while I’m reminded of how important it is for groups to stand alone and recognize that loving each other is important.

Those unfamiliar with Blacks in America might not the familiar with the term “Black love”. It usually means that two people with Black ancestry (I don’t use term “African” because there are white people in Africa) are in healthy, stable relationship. As in, “Barack and Michelle represent Black love’. While two Black people being in love might not seem like a big deal, to those in the community that are constantly bombarded by the idea of whiteness as the pinnacle of attractiveness and power choosing to love another Black person is downright revolutionary!

Too many times we’ve heard that Black men are lazy and shiftless. Too many times we’ve heard that Black women are gold-digging jezebels. Black skin is too dark. Black hair is too kinky. Black attitudes are too angry. Black income is too low. Whether it’s been stated out right to hinted to with articles, movies, magazines anc conversation … Black people have received the message. If we want good things it’s best to date a white person. They can open doors. They have access. They are attractive. Father - Love their mother

Making the conscious choice, as a Black person, to love a Black person and engage in a healthy relationship and raise a family that knows that Black history didn’t start with Blacks being enslaved in America (pyramids in Sudan, kingdom of Mali, rock-hewn churches in Ethiopia, etc.) and is able to love and appreciate Black people all over the world (because we are all over the world) is revolutionary.

What My Sister Taught Me About Preparing for a Baby


My high point, so far, this week was going to CVS to buy diapers and washing detergent.

I’m serious.

One of my sisters has four kids. She always has tons of diapers, wipes, food, bottles, etc. and she usually gets everything on sale and sometimes she’s able to get things for pennies. I really admire that about her.

This week I found myself standing in CVS holding my coupons and mentally counting all of the savings. I was able to get 3 Tides for $6 each (one with no perfumes and no dyes just in case our kid has skin allergies) and 2 packs of Huggies for $7.50 each (size 1 and size 2 I’ll pick up size 3 and size 4 on the next sale). I got all 5 items for $35! PLUS since there was a buy $30 and get a $10 gift card I was able to walk away with a $10 gift card that I might use use to get another thing of diapers!  =)

I’m glad that my sister has this set of skills. I’m glad that she is willing to mentor me through this because all this baby stuff is hard. There is so much to learn, so much to buy, so much to prepare.

Whenever I look at the nursery full of books (probably too many books! Lol), toys, diapers, wipes, bottles, clothes, shoes, etc. I am so thankful that I have someone around that knows what they are doing.