Baby Welcoming 2


We had a baby welcoming with the first baby. We had been stockpiling stuff since we started thinking about adoption so we didn’t need anything. We did want our loved ones to welcome the new baby into our family though.

The second baby is no different. I’m already thinking about where we could have it, what the theme should be, and what dates would work. While looking around, I came across this article that has several different themes for baby welcomings. My favorite theme is the #FreezerShower:

“Bringing food to new mothers is a time-honored tradition that usually slows down by the second or third week. That’s about the same time when most parents are at their most sleep-deprived, babies hit their fussiest stage and younger kids are demanding their share of attention. A Freezer Shower is the answer. Ask everyone to whip up a casserole or soup or some type of dish that will freeze well. (Pre-frozen foods and restaurant gift cards are good options as well.) Include a card with the name of the dish and instructions for reheating.”

Read the whole article here.


Family Tree With Thumbprints UPDATE

As you know, I’ve been thinking about decorations for an adoption baby shower for a while now. There are so many good ideas! I know we’re still a looooong way off, but I can’t help myself. I keep coming back to the idea of the family tree. I love, love, love the idea of doing a family tree with thumb prints from our friends and family. I scoured the internet to find a few different ways to get the tree image.

Buy from Etsy

There’s this one for $43

“BABY SHOWER TREE” Fingerprint/ Thumb Tree
This tree nicely accommodates between 50-100 fingerprints.

* Available for GIRLS & BOYS! This poster will be personalized with your own wording!

FINGERPRINT/ THUMB TREE is a fun and unique way to capture the names/ autographs of all those who attended your big event, and after that special day you’ve got a cherished keepsake to hang in your home.

This one for $35

Each tree is drawn by hand after ordering and is original!
This beautiful hand painted original is designed to replace the traditional wedding guest book. Your guests will bring this tree to life by creating a leaf with their finger print and signing it. This piece of artwork is the perfect way to remember all of the people who helped you to celebrate your big day. Accommodates up to 50 family members.

DIY for free

This one you can download for free and color yourself

If you’re in the United Kingdom

Check out this one

I found these images online. I hadn’t even thought about doing some of this stuff. I love the creative community. Sometimes I want to do it all! Lol

Now … to the images!

Our last international trip was to Japan. This one reminds me of the cherry blossoms that Japan is known for.

A bit more traditional, but I love how this one has everyone’s names attached to their thumbprints. I wish I had a mini one of these in my office. So cute.

This one is super traditional, but I love how it’s framed in a way that it would look good on a mantle, on a shelf or hanging on a wall.

Which one is your favorite?

Do you have any other ideas for an adoption baby shower?

Adoption Baby Shower Ideas

As I’m online searching for adoption baby shower ideas I’ve come across a few interesting things so I thought I’d share:

Adoption Baby Shower Images

I like the idea of adding a limb to our family tree.Can you see the little thumb-prints? How cool would this be hanging in the baby’s room?

I really love the idea of everything putting a thumb-print on the tree and turning it into a beautiful art piece. This one looks a little more finished, I think. You’re supposed to have everyone at the show add their thumb-print to the tree. What a wonderful way to show the support of your community (family, friends, etc.).

Adoption Baby Shower Ideas

Like many families that have children when we are older, all of our family and friends are not local. I was wondering how to do the baby shower with so many people so far away when I saw this on the Adoption boards:

I had taken an Amish culture class in college and learned about their tradition of “showering” friends and relatives who lived far away by sending gifts and well wishes through the mail – the Amish use this tradition for weddings, births, sicknesses, etc. We decided to use the same idea for my sister-in-law. We sent her a handmade note that she was having a shower through the mail, and then we all sent our gifts on the same day, and they arrived on her doorstep within a day or two of each other. Her husband took pictures on a digital camera of her opening her gifts so we could all see her reaction, and we were saved the expense of travel (we all wanted to travel after the baby was born so we could meet him).

Adoption Baby Shower Invitations

I got nothing. Everything I saw was either for pregnant people or had the word “adoption” (or some variation) blazed across the front. This will not be our adopted child, it will be our child. I do not want to start our family by differentiating this child from other children in our extended family.

Does anyone know where to get baby show stuff with

no pregnant people or adoption imagery on it?