La Gallina Means Hen … Baby’s First Word in Spanish

My baby's first word in Spanish is "la gallina"!

My baby’s first word in Spanish is “la gallina”!

I’m sure that all parents are excited when their baby starts talking, but I am OVER THE MOON about his first word in Spanish! He’s been saying “mama” and “dada” for a few months now, but this morning we were watching

and as the song was playing he said “la gaaaaa”! It wasn’t clearly articulated, but I don’t care. My baby was able to repeat, as best as he can, a word in Spanish!  *swoon*



Ideas to Raise Bilingual Babies

Hecho-en-California-Oso-TraditionalIt would be really nice if the baby could be at least bilingual (English and Spanish). It is not enough to wish it though, we have to give him opportunities to hear the language and use the language.

To help keep this top of mind, I joined a page called Spanglish Baby. They post different things that remind us to stick to our goal of having multi-lingual children. Today they posted 5 New Years Resolutions for Parents Raising Bilingual Kids. What a great read!

Spanglish-Baby-New-Years-ResolutionThere are tons of ways to help your child learn, and use, another language. The ones that I will focus on are:

  • Speaking Spanish on a daily basis.
  • Making sure that activities are taught in Spanish like this.
  • Playing Spanish language music.
  • Spend at least one month in 2015 living in a Spanish speaking country.

He already understands basic commands and questions like, “Quieres mas?”. My hope is that we can provide him with enough Spanish to get around in the world, because we’re not fluent, and our village of family, friends and purposeful living can fill in the rest. I just found out that a friend’s grandma lives in Oaxaca ….   =)