2 Year Well Visit

Today, our toddler went for his two year old well visit. The nurse weighed and measured him on the stand-up machinery (24 pounds and 31.5 inches tall). She said that we didn’t have to strip him down anymore. That’s nice because it’s usually cold in t2nd-Birthday-Imagehere.

We went into an exam room and played a few rounds of spin-in-a-circle and let-say-random-words-over-and-over until the doctor arrived. She came in, started pulling his clothes off and ….   you should have seen the look the baby gave her! Lol

He needed a finger prick for WIC. The nurse did it and gave him a Tweety Bird sticker. He promptly ripped it off. Lol

He’s small for a two year old but he’s perfect for his weight-to-height ratio. He’s perfect for who he is.




He’s a Fatling!

I need to figure out how to make a graph, but this baby is growing quickly! When we left the hospital (4/22) the baby weighed 4 lbs. 6 oz. When we took the baby to his first appointment with the doctor (4/23) he weighed 4 lbs. 11 oz. Today, 5/1 ….  (drum roll please!) we found out that the baby weighs 5 lbs. 8 oz.!

The doctor said that we are taking good care of him and she’s pleased with his progress. She also told us to stop feeding him so much! He’s turning into a little fatling and can barely fit into his preemie clothes anymore!

Nurse With Funky Attitude

ab35034.jpgToday He took the baby to the doctor. The first time we went, everyone was really nice. This time ….

He went alone because I had a gig. He told me that:

  • They told him that he didn’t have an appointment.
  • Tried to make him fill out the new patient registration again.
  • Asked him where the mother was. When he responded that I was at work, she made a face and walked out.
  • Didn’t seem to care that the baby was cold when asked if He could wait a bit to undress him.

I’m glad that I wasn’t there because it might have gotten ugly. I’m pretty easy going in general. I believe that life is full of white water and you have to ride the current ….. but don’t mess with my family. I’m upset for Him and I’m upset at the way that the baby was treated.

He said that when the doctor arrived, she remembered him right away and told him not to worry about anything .. .she’d take care of it. Then the nurse we like swung by just to say hi. THAT’S the kind of service we expected.

I like the doctor, but that kind of behavior from the nurse is unacceptable. I’m thinking about writing the doctor a letter. Any ideas of how to handle it?



First Day Home

After about an hour and a half of sleep we got up this morning to take the baby to his first medical appointment. I was  a bit nervous about filling out the forms because I have no idea what I’m doing! Lol The questions are about biology but since I don’t know his family history and ours doesn’t count …. it could have been …. awkward.

Carolyn Chen, Isaac Cabanas-SaucedoThankfully, everyone at the clinic was super understanding and helpful about the adoption stuff and the health stuff. They were especially helpful about him urinating on the wall! Lol The doctor wanted to give us more formula (NICU already gave us like 30 bottles of premade formula, two cans of powder formula, 10 bottles of baby water and like 9 nipples) so she wrote a prescription. We have another appointment next week.

On the way home we decided to see if we could sign up for WIC. Everyone we know keeps telling us to get it and the NICU gave us a referral to WIC and the doctor gave us a prescription for WIC. We stood in line for about 5 minutes, gave the receptionist (intake lady??) our foster care placement agreement, an ID and the referral form. She asked us to see a nutritionist and directed us to the waiting room. We waited for maybe 8 minutes and were called back to the nutritionist’s office. She took our paperwork, read the discharge paperwork from the NICU, explained how WIC works and told us that she could only give us enough formula for one month because the baby needs some kind of special formula.

pineappleWe returned to the waiting room and went to a window to give the lady our paperwork. We waited about 5 more minutes and the lady gave us two WIC checks. There was a little store that sold WIC stuff right next door. We got 10 cans of formula and a free pineapple for buying so much stuff! Lol He can’t eat pineapples yet,  but we can … yum! Lol

It was a fun day.

Now, the baby is sleeping snug as a bug in a rug in his bassinet. Ahhhh … this is the life.