A Full-On Sentence


OMG! My oldest just said a full-on, regular sentence on his own. He said, “May I have some more please?” as clear as day.

He’s been talking, obviously, for a while now but usually in 3 or 4 word sentences like, “More juice please, mom” or something like that. A few days ago I introduced this new long-form sentence. He repeated it after me but didn’t seem to take to it. I let it go and he didn’t say it yesterday.

This evening, I had a jug of lemonade on the floor near my bed. My bugee picks it up and says, “May I have some please?” It would have been more accurate to say, “May I have some lemonade please?” but I’ll take what I can get for his first full-on sentence on his own.

My baby isn’t a baby anymore ….

Firsts: Baby Boy’s First Puzzle


The entrance to the Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve.

He did it!

We we had some work in Sacramento and decided to visit the Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve while we were there. The kids had a blast and our oldest decided to complete his first 7 piece puzzle at the park.

Our little ones entered the nature preserve and took off running! Lol They enjoyed walking around the history part (there is a bit about the original inhabitants of the area) and took a look at the deer. Yes, there are deer chilling in the nature preserve. There’s even a sign on the lunch tables that asks you not to feed them. Thankfully for us, they were relaxing in a glade a little ways away from us.

We started off on a trail, but the babies kept trying to jump in the puddles and we didn’t bring their rain boots so that was a no go. Lol Eventually, we decided to visit the education center. There are bathrooms, exhibits, and ….  live animals! There was an owl that we didn’t believe was real, a few snakes in cages, and one snake in the hands of a worker. Eek! Lol

sacramento-2016-nature-preserve-guillermo-fish-puzzleThe museum doesn’t seem that large but there are lots of things to do with kids. There are stations set up with Kendama, baskets that can be filled and carried on the head, puzzles to complete, cooking rocks to move with big sticks, a house to sit in, circles to look through, and box-exhibits that light up. Speaking of puzzles …  our oldest completed two wooden puzzles: one that matched images and one with individual pieces. The one with individual pieces impressed me the most. He’s been playing with a matching puzzle with a turtle, a crab, and a fish since he was a year old but putting puzzles with multiple pieces together by himself was new.

At first, he put the fish in the center …  then looked at it …  then took it out. After taking a moment to think, he started putting the sky in. After that, he put the lake in. Once that was done, he placed the last two pieces (the fish) and the puzzle was complete! After a round of singing (“You did it. You did it. Yeah, yeah, yeah!”) he took the pieces out and completed it five more times. Lol I finally got him to stop by asking him what he wanted to eat for lunch. Lol My babies can eat! Lol

Anyway …  it was a new adventure for all of us and I was excited to see our oldest using a new skill.

Baby Girl Took a Step!


Practicing standing up in Baltimore at the Wizard of Oz playground.

Baby girl has been standing for about a month now. I figured that she’d hold on to things for a while and perhaps move on to walking around 13 or 14 months. Not this chickadee!

Last night she was standing in the living room (we were waiting on her social worker to come over so she was up a bit later than usual) and she took a step. Can you believe it?! It was just a little step but ….  I’m over the moon!

Today, she took a step three times. She is ready to rock and roll! Her birthday is coming up and my guess is that she’ll be dancing at her party!



Feeding Solids to Your Adopted Infant


Getting baby girl to eat solids is turning out to be a bit of a struggle.

With our toddler, we had him since we picked him up in the hospital. The first food he ate was squash that I baked and mashed up myself. He loved churascarria (Brazilian steakhouse) by the time he was nine months old. He eventually did each those little Gerber foods to go, but by that time his love of actual food, both flavors and textures, was cemented. The Gerber foods were probably like a guilty treat (think Jell-O or pudding) to him.

Our current foster-adopt placement is already 8 months old but she hadn’t been given any food yet. She wants to eat two or three of those Gerber fruits and/or veggies at every meal because that’s what she’s used to. Since she’s been here (a week) we’ve been giving her the Gerber with meat (turkey and squash, chicken and veggies, etc.), Gerber with oatmeal (oatmeal with pears and cinnamon, yum!), and sliding in a few actual foods when we get a chance.

Babies have done a lot of living in 8 months. She came to us sleeping through the night, eating on a schedule, and clinging to her foster mother. We have a totally different parenting style. At our house she wakes two or three times a night for a bottle, she eats when she wants, as much as she wants, and she plays on the floor with her brother and her toys. It’s all a lot to take in over a week. I have to remember that she’s lived a completely different life until now. I have to be patient.

Introducing food to her seems like it might be a bit of a struggle (some textures turn her off) but eventually she will eat food. You don’t see 9 year olds eating Gerber foods anymore. Lol

Toddler Slept in Toddlerbed

There are two beds in our toddler’s room. He has the crib he’s slept in since he was a wee one and the toddler bed we just bought a few weeks ago. We’re trying to transition him to the toddler bed but my concern is that he won’t lie down and sleep if he’s not penned in.

Last night we put him in his crib, like usual, but this time he just cried and cried. I went in there to snuggle him and decided to lie down with him in his toddler bed. He’s a big boy now and holding him for extended periods is difficult for me. At first I was snuggling him but as time wore on, I moved over and let him touch my face. Eventually I got tired and rolled over, yes I’m small, to go to sleep. After I noticed that he was sleeping, I crept out and he slept in his new toddler bed all night. In the morning, he started fussing (usually I go get him out of his crib), realized that he could get out of the bed by himself, and came padding into our bedroom. So cute!

I’m not sure if he’ll sleep in there again tonight. I’m not sure if I’ll have to sleep in his toddler bed every night for a while. Lol I am sure that my little one is growing up.

Only Milk in One Day and Off The Bottle in Two

Toddler-Drinking-CupI just read that instead of babies transitioning from bottles to sippy cups, babies should go directly from bottles to using regular cups or training cups. Who knew?!

We thought that we’d try to transition the baby so he’d be able to use cups by the time we leave for South Africa and guess what? He’s already accomplished two things: he’s stopped drinking formula and he’s stopped taking a bottle. Whoo hoo!

He IS spilling liquid all over himself, but he’s able to drink. Now, we’re just working on controlling the cup.

First Time He Decided to Use the Pot

Adventures-in-the-Elemination-CommunicationI always hear about kids not wanting to sit on the pot. This kid has been using it since he was two months old (we’re working on elimination communication) and now he seems to think it’s a chair! Lol

I put him on the pot every morning and when he wakes up from naps. This morning, I went to take him off and he was like, “Noooo”. He wanted to finish watching his videos while sitting on it! Lol I put him back on it and a few minutes later I noticed that he was pooping. After a few minutes I asked him if he was done and he seemed okay with me taking him off. Sure enough, there was poop!

This was the first time I felt like he chose to use the pot. As a baby, we’re just doing stuff to him and I’m never really sure if he cares one way or the other. Today was proof that he’s growing and up and understands the function of the pot. Whoo hoo!