Tips for Flying With An Infant

Flying-InfantWe will soon be heading out to Chicago by plane and I have a few questions. Though we’ve traveled internationally and extensively in the US this will be our first flight with a baby.  From what I can gather I should:

Before Leaving the HouseTravel-Life-Hack-Food-With-Spoon

Tape disposable spoons to store-bought food.

Bring a backpack instead of a sling-type diaper bag.

Bring cloth diapers with disposable inserts. Less to throw away in your large ziplock bag.

Dress baby in a long-sleeved, footed, jumper that you don’t mind throwing away.

Before Boarding

Get a Boarding Verification Document when you arrive at the airport (don’t forget to bring the baby’s birth certificate).

Wear the baby through security.

Don’t worry about brining his formula and baby food through TSA.

Gate check the car seat at the gate.


While Seated

Encourage the baby to drink during take-off and landing.

Bring tons of diapers.

Bring plastic bags for diaper disposal or soiled clothes.

Bring a “busy bag“.

Bring carabiners to clip on toys to the wrap so he can’t drop them.

Bring anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down surfaces baby will touch, lick, grab, etc.

Wear baby during flight (not during take-off and landing).

Play during the downtime to tire the baby out.

Ask for wings as some airlines still give out cute little pins for kids.


What am I forgetting? What’s your best tip for traveling with an infant?









Making Formula While On the Run

tipI like to do things.

Instead of not doing anything anymore, I’d like to be able to get the baby outside (within limits of course) and see the world! Now, being that he eats every three hours that seemed daunting. When I Googled traveling with babies I saw tips about bottle warmers and the like.The premise is that you can make the bottle, warm it up and take it with you …..  um …. wouldn’t it be easier to just take a thermos with warm water in it and then make the bottle as needed? Hot water doesn’t spoil does it?

Am I missing something?

Please share your best tip(s) for making formula for a baby while traveling. Thanks!