Adoption Dog Training

This is the doll we're using to train our pup.

This is the doll we’re using to train our pup.

One of my biggest concerns about adopting a baby is how to add a child to our existing family (Him, Her and dog) with as little disruption as possible. Edgar, our dog,  is used to being the only little person in our home. I want him to feel comfortable with a new little one. We bought a baby doll and a CD of babies crying to get him used to new sounds, experiences and smells (we wash the doll’s clothes with baby detergent). He’s an amazing dog, but I know that some things will change for him after being placed and I’d like him to feel comfortable.

I love this quote from Cesar Milan:

Forget breed. Don’t assume your dog will not pose a problem based on breed alone, or vice versa. Sure, babies have been bitten by Rottweilers and pit bulls, but they have also been injured by labs, chows, and mixed breeds. A baby in Rhode Island was killed by a cute little Pomeranian. What is the key? Leadership. Be honest with yourself. Can you control your dog at all times in all situations?

Your child’s safety comes first. If, after working with a professional and on your own, you are still not able to be 100% pack leader with your dog, then you must seriously think about using those nine months for finding your dog another home.

Here are some resources for those of us that are adopting and have dogs:

Humane Society

Cesar’s Way (Cesar Milan’s website)


What strategies did you use to help train your dog for the adoption?