Tools to Help Toddlers in the World

How cool are these?!

Since we’ve been learning more about Montessori-inspired toddler rooms and what not, I’ve come across a few cute items:

The thingee to help your toddler wash their hands


The thingee to help your toddler turn the light on and off


Do you know of other helpful tools? Please share them in the comments.

Great Idea to Pay for Child’s Born Day Party


I just saw the best idea I’ve heard to save up enough money to pay for your child’s born day (some say “birthday”) party! A parent on Facebook said that they use a jar to put spare change in for the year. When it’s time to plan the party, they crack it open and find out what the budget is!

This is a great way to teach patience, goal setting, savings habits and general financial education. My little one is too young to get the gist of this, but I’ll be filing it away for later.

Do you think that you could stick to whatever budget is set by the money in the jar? Would you cheat? Lol

Changing My Mind About His 1st Born Day Party

Cake-Born-Day-1I’ve been dreaming about the baby’s first born day party since we were placed …. okay …  since I thought about really having a baby in our family! Lol Anyhoo …

We went to his first social event today. It was our friend’s daughter’s first birthday party and it was beautiful! There was a decadent desert table. Everything was perfectly color coordinated. The baby wore an outfit that tied in perfectly to the color scheme. The cake? Amazing! Actually, there were two cakes. There was a two level cake with glitter in the fondant and there was a smaller cake for the baby to play with. The daughter took her “official” smash cake photos a few weeks ago. It was everything that I thought I wanted a born day party to be except …. the personalities at the party didn’t mesh. First-Birthday-Desert-Table

It’s not that they didn’t mesh well. It’s that they didn’t mesh … at all. Guests were from all walks of life. There were three areas that people could be in and people were segmented into all three areas. There were no games to get to know each other. There was no attempt by most people to speak to the other guests. Just because that happened at this party, doesn’t mean that it will happen at his party. Our Baby Welcoming was wonderful! Still ….

First-Birthday-Cake-Animals-Tri-Level-BlueOn the way home I mentioned it to Him and he casually said that he would prefer a small party with just the three of us. How sweet! Now I’m really thinking about getting a small cake and taking some photos and leaving it at that.

What do you think? What did you do to celebrate your little one’s first birthday?


Imaginative Play Area

Imaginitive-Play-Area-DIYI saw this cute little diy imaginative play area for toddlers and little kids and I wanted to make a note of it for myself for later. What a cute, organized area to help kids dress up. I love the curtains. I love the little chest. I love the mirror right next to it.

Bookmarking this for later.



I Want a Tiny House

Isn't this cozy?

Isn’t this cozy?

I have wanted to build a house for a long time now. I didn’t know how I would do it, but I knew that I would. Well, I’ve come across the tiny house movement and it just may solve two problems I have: wanting to own a house that won’t end up owning me and wanting to build a house from the ground up.

I found a post about a tiny house that you can build for $3,500! Of course that doesn’t meant hat it will be an afternoon’s work but there are tons of helpful articles … even about what kind of trailer to choose. Some prefer to buy one already made, but there is something wonderful about building something with your own two hands ….

I’m not sure how this is all going to come together, but I’m sure I’ll have a tiny house sometime in the near future … hopefully one that I built myself!

First Born Day Thoughts

first-birthday-candleNow that we have a placement that looks like it’s going to finalization (we have a court date for termination of parental rights) there is talk about how to celebrate his first born day. My mother went all out for my first born day. There were engraved invitations, shrimp, etc. I don’t remember any of it, but it makes me feel special when my family talks about it. They tell me how much my mother mooned over me and made a HUGE deal out of it. She goes BIG for every born day, holiday, etc. I’m gonna do the same for my kid(s). Right now he’s only 3 months, but I’m already planning. I’m going IN! Lol

What did you do to celebrate your kid’s first born day?

Any tips?

Adoption Lifebooks

Life-Book_Standing_ShadowI’m not sure if I want to do a bound life book or a scrapbook life book. For those that aren’t clear, a life book is a way for someone to keep their experience/memories organized. Most people that make them that aren’t adopted call them scrapbooks.

Most people like to keep memories of their life. It’s even more important for people that are adopted to have those memories because so many adopted people aren’t able to get their original birth certificates and little knowledge of their first family or their lives before being adopted.

There are many ways that a family can go when making a life book. Some folks have a Cricut and paper and the ability to make a beautiful scrapbook style life book. Some folks aren’t so inclined and may opt for a bound book with templates (this one is $5).

I’m a big fan of scrapbooking but I’m not that great at it. I’d like to do a bound book and a scrapbook. Since we are adopting from foster care and we have a range between newborn and two years old our child(ren) may have more or less experience before they come to live with us. A bound book will be cool for kids to look at. A scrapbook with actual papers, fabric scraps, etc. might be nice for an older child.

Which way did you go? Any tips?