Letter to My Son #1

Dory, Marlin and Nemo from the movie Finding Nemo.

Dory, Marlin and Nemo from the movie Finding Nemo.

Right now your favorite movie is Finding Nemo. Without fail, you watch the whole thing through whenever we put it on. Yesterday, you watched it twice. By the time you read this, Nemo probably won’t be a thing, so let me summarize the film: dad Marlin is overprotective of son Nemo. Nemo tries to prove that he can do things on his own and gets captured by a dentist on a dive. Marlin sets out to find his son and is helped by a cast of characters including a fish with little short-term memory, Dory. While imprisoned at the dentist’s office Nemo’s confidence grows. The whole ocean pulls together to support the mission. When he hears that his dad is looking for him, it motivates him to do something he didn’t think the had the courage to do in hope of reuniting. At the end of the movie, dad and son are reunited.

Each time it comes on, it reminds me of how many people are working to make sure that you have everything you need. I never met your mother, but I believe that she did the best she could with you in mind. She could have relinquished you at birth, but she didn’t. My guess is that she wanted to make sure that you were matched with decent people. Your original social worker told her about us and she seemed to approve. The people in the NICU made sure that you were okay and hated to see you go. Your nurse walked us out to the car and then stood and watched as we buckled you in the car seat. The hospital’s social worker said that he would have tried to adopt you if they didn’t find a good match. At this point you’ve had three different social workers that have made sure that you had what you needed and were happy. We’ve watched you grow since you were two weeks old have tried to provide you with tools and resources to help you develop into a fully-actualized person. It’s like the universe is conspiring to bring you good things.

I don’t know how you’ll feel about your journey when you read this, but I hope you know that you deserve everything that’s good in life and I hope that you have the confidence to go after what you want.