Daycare and Life Insurance

Childcare-College-CostsIn 31 states, parents have to shell out more annually for infant child care than for a year of tuition and fees at a mid-priced state college, according to a report released last fall by Child Care Aware America, a national organization of child-care resource agencies.

This really hit me hard. Deciding to add children to our family complicates a few things. Since we both work at the business we’re home most days.Since I was a kid I wanted to have that kind of family for my child. The kid would come home from school and we’d be there and we’d do homework and we’d have a snack and our kids would NOT have to wonder when we were returning from work or what was for dinner. This is how it worked in my mind.

In that regard, we’re on the right track. The days when we do have work booked we’d decided that He would stay home. Everything seemed great until I read this. Child care is expensive! What if something happened to Him? How would I pay for child care? My plan was to get 20 year term life insurance on me since I bring in the money and if anything happened to me I’d want my family to continue living in the lifestyle they are accustomed to. How selfish of me! It never occurred to me that this family will not work, in the same way at least, without Him.

Talk about appreciating all the work and what each of us contributes to our family! We’ll need two life insurance policies, please.