Sometimes You Just Have to Recognize Your Own Privilege

Sometimes we have to open our eyes.

Sometimes we have to open our eyes.

I’m  in Chicago for work this week and the snow has been bananas for the last week or so. It was about fifteen below yesterday.



I am mostly going from my hotel to my rental car to the job site and back again. My biggest complaint has been that the foot vents in my rental aren’t working. I debated about whether to go back to the airport, but I decided that dealing with those people after a day of work wasn’t worth it. The drive is only about 20 minutes and I leave this weekend anyway.

Then I read A Blizzard Of Perspective and realize that I’m full of shit. It hadn’t even occured to me that folks that live here, specifically poor people …. primarily the working poor have to go through a whole lot more than I do. While I’m complaining about the vents in my rental car this mother was bussing herself and her child for hours to hold to a crappy service job when a reporter noticed her at a bus stop at 1am:

This young mother, trying to do right by her child, is a reminder that the day-to-day mechanics of being a member of the working poor is a ton of work. Even before clocking in to her job, she faces obstacles most of us never have to think about, and after clocking out, she and her little girl spend hours on buses only to face one last uphill climb. And then they do it all again the next day.

We all have problems, but the next time you start feeling all woe-is-me remember that you may not be as bad off as you think you are.