Property Management Company Agrees to $500,000



As you know, we’ve been trying to get approval from the property management company that rents our house to have pre-adoptive children on the premises. As you know, this has been an issue. This morning the property management company that rents our house came back and said:

This is fine, good luck with your adoption

Whoo hoo!

The problem is (you knew that there was a problem) that I asked them to respond to the CCL worker and let her know that it’s okay for us to have a placement …. but of course that isn’t what happened. The woman responded to me with the above vague statement about accepting the $500,000 worth of renter’s insurance. I forwarded it to CCL. I’m hoping that everything is okay.

Wish us luck!



Might Have Good News


The property management company just came back and said:

please provide us with a copy of the insurance for the amount $500,000

thank you

I don’t want to get too excited, but this might be it! My response:

Awesome. So I’ll call him and have it raised to $500,000. Then I’ll have him call you to get the home owner’s name to add to the policy. Then will you email [redacted] and let her know that it’s okay for me to adopt at this location?

Wish us luck!

Still Dealing With Property Management Company

assertive1I returned from Peru with a new attitude. I’ve talked about the struggles that we’re having with our property management company here and here saying that they are okay with us adopting from foster care. He has been telling me that I need to be more firm. I have been telling Him that I was looking for a win-win solution that would allow all  parties to get what they need while not being confrontational. Ha!

First I was told that they wouldn’t sign my letter because they wanted to do a property inspection.

Then I was told that I needed to get insurance. I already have business insurance that covers any place that I rent and foster care insurance. When I submitted that information I was told that it was the wrong kind of insurance.

I asked what kind of insurance and they told me liability insurance.

I asked what type of liability insurance I needed to get and how much coverage I needed. I was told that my agent would know.

I asked my agent and he asked me how he would know what they wanted? I told him that that’s what they told me. He suggested renter’s insurance with $300,000 worth of coverage.

I submitted that and I was told that #1 I needed to add the home owner’s name but they wouldn’t tell me what name I needed to add #2 I needed $1,000,000 worth of coverage.

My agent told me that renter’s insurance only goes up to $500,000. He also can’t understand why they want this coverage to protect against an adoption. Me neither.  *shrugs*  I asked the property management company to set up a call with their attorney (that’s keeps asking for this ridiculousness) and my agent so we can get everything squared away … .they said, “No”. Actually, they said:

No need for call….we go on our attorneys recommendation.  We need a $1,000,000 liability policy.

I sent this email:

What do i need to do to turn in my 30 day notice? There is no renter`s policy that goes more than a half million dollars. It isn’t necessary. None of this was in the lease i signed. I can`t move forward with my adoption because of this. I need to find place to live that will be okay with my adoption.

Is there a form i need to fill out? I can be out by April 30th.

I get this response:

we will ask the owner if he will accept $500,000.

I guess being assertive does the trick. I’ve been going through this for a month. I really hope that this is the end of this crap.



When Buying a Car Seat Is An Act of Faith

britax-boulevard-1142-35c-lI have no idea what’s going on with our adoption from foster care because my property management company hasn’t responded to any emails in two days.

The woman from Community Care Licensing (CCL) called me on Thursday and told me that she has never experienced anything like this. She told me that I may have to start litigation. Ugh.

It seems like I have two choices:

  • Move to a new place
  • Fight to make the property management company accept foster care

If we move ….

Not only would we have to pack up a three bedroom house, we’d also have to find a new place and have yet another home inspection and home study interview.

If we stay ….

We could go back and forth and have them stand pat or by the time it gets sorted the lease will be up (it’s only until June 2014) and they might choose not to renew it.

I feel helpless. None of this is my fault, but we’re the ones having our lives toyed with. Part of me feels like maybe this is a sign that we are not supposed to adopt. Maybe we should just choose to live childfree and go on about our lives. Maybe we should just sell all the kid stuff and move on with our lives …

Not-Easy-Worth-ItMaybe we should, but we won’t. Sometimes you have to fight for what you want. I know that there is a child that needs a home that could thrive with us. I won’t give up on that child.

So I’ll go buy a convertible car seat because we don’t know how old this child is …. because I know that everything will get sorted one way or the other … and a child will be placed with us … and everything will turn out okay.

I know it.


Property Management Company UPDATE

facepalm_impliedThis is driving me crazy!

Today our adoption worker came over to see the new house so she could complete her home study …. again. She said that our home study should be done within the next two weeks and everything should be done within the month! Yay!

…. but no …

This morning CCL sent our property management company an email:

I am the licensing analyst for foster homes in [redacted] and I inspected the new home of [redacted] on March 7, 2014 and informed her that before I could license her home at [redacted], my department needed to have something in writing stating that the management company/landlord was okay with her bringing children onto the property for foster/adoption purposes.  If you can respond to this email and let me know that bringing children onto the property is okay, that would suffice.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

Seems simple, no?


This is the response she received:

[redacted] must first have proof of  Liability Insurance  before [redacted] can become license and or foster / adoption



I already have liability insurance through my business.  I hope that’s what she’s talking about because at this point … I have no idea what they want. It went from, “Congratulations, we can not sign your letter, but [redacted] can do a walk through inspection of the property please call or email  for an appointment” to “must first have proof of liability insurance”? Those two things have nothing to do with each other and neither of them has anything to do with people that rent having kids …..

This is the email I sent:

I have liability insurance through my company, [redacted]. Is that what you’re talking about?

My policy is attached.

Let’s see what the next barrel of bs will be ….


Rental Company BS


Soooo … one of the things that CCL needs to complete our home inspection is a letter from our property management company stating that they are aware, and okay with, us having foster children placed in our home.

At our last rental house getting the letter was a challenge because no one knew what this letter was supposed to say (CCL didn’t provide a template) or who was supposed to sign it. I ended up writing one sentence and had the property management company sign it. CCL accepted it and we were done.

This time I thought that since I already had written one that was accepted, this should be easy. I sent the same letter (with updated information of course) over to our current property management company and guess what? They told me that they cannot sign the letter, but we have to have a representative from the company come out to the house and do a walk through. I’m not sure what one has to do with the other, but I don’t care about the walk through. I sent another email to make sure that if/when the representative did the walk through they’d be able to sign the letter at that point …. I haven’t received a response.


If they aren’t going to sign the letter then CCL won’t complete our home inspection and that means that our home study can’t be completed. All this to say that we’ll have to move. I am feeling SO stressed right now. Why are things so difficult?

Feeling alternately frustrated and angry.