Orchard Tiny House

This might not actually qualify as a tiny house since the plans call for 750 square feet of space but I saw this one on Tiny House Hunters so ….

How cool and modern is this?






See more photos at the IDEABOX website.



I Want a Tiny House

Isn't this cozy?

Isn’t this cozy?

I have wanted to build a house for a long time now. I didn’t know how I would do it, but I knew that I would. Well, I’ve come across the tiny house movement and it just may solve two problems I have: wanting to own a house that won’t end up owning me and wanting to build a house from the ground up.

I found a post about a tiny house that you can build for $3,500! Of course that doesn’t meant hat it will be an afternoon’s work but there are tons of helpful articles … even about what kind of trailer to choose. Some prefer to buy one already made, but there is something wonderful about building something with your own two hands ….

I’m not sure how this is all going to come together, but I’m sure I’ll have a tiny house sometime in the near future … hopefully one that I built myself!

Tiny House for $2,000

LaMar Alexander built this tiny house in two weeks for $2,000.

LaMar Alexander built this tiny house in two weeks for $2,000.

I just read about this great 400 sq. ft. tiny house that LaMar Alexander built in two weeks for $2.000 on Mother Earth News:

I designed a solar composting toilet. The portable toilet is emptied into the solar composter once a week and does not require any compost pile; it evaporates off the liquid and the extra heat helps break down the compost very quickly.

I direct greywater from the shower to a French drain where it keeps the grass and shrubs watered. I capture sink water and send it to the solar composter tank or use it on fruit trees and shrubs.

Before you get too excited, “It took me two weeks to build the cabin structure by myself and the cost was just under $2,000, not counting recycled materials or the solar and wind power system.”