Ballet Folklorico Begins

Dancing Ballet Folklorico Machetes.fw

During the machete dance.

We signed our oldest up for classes in ballet folklorico. The first class was Thursday.

Dance class. Anti-Blackness off top (a family came around the corner and saw us sitting on a bench. The parents looked at each other, grabbed their kid, backed away and chose to sit on the other end of the space). The instructor was late AND didn’t speak English (the class is through the city). Most of the instruction was for the girls. Mid-way through folks loosened up though … it was cute seeing him dance with a little partner.

3 more classes to go.


A Full-On Sentence


OMG! My oldest just said a full-on, regular sentence on his own. He said, “May I have some more please?” as clear as day.

He’s been talking, obviously, for a while now but usually in 3 or 4 word sentences like, “More juice please, mom” or something like that. A few days ago I introduced this new long-form sentence. He repeated it after me but didn’t seem to take to it. I let it go and he didn’t say it yesterday.

This evening, I had a jug of lemonade on the floor near my bed. My bugee picks it up and says, “May I have some please?” It would have been more accurate to say, “May I have some lemonade please?” but I’ll take what I can get for his first full-on sentence on his own.

My baby isn’t a baby anymore ….

First Adoption Talk With Our Toddler


Last night I had my first honest-to-goodness talk with our oldest about his adoption and how he has two families. He’s still a toddler, so he didn’t care much (or probably grasp any of it) but they say it’s good to talk with them early so #1 you never have to have The Talk with them because there was never a time they didn’t know and #2 you get to practice and mess up before they can really understand and #3 you get to fortify your heart to explain why they are not living with the family they should be, at least biologically.

I was able to eek out a few sentences then I almost started crying. Having to share with another family AND tell them about it is going to be hard but I have to imagine how hard it will be for them to LIVE it. Ahhhhh … good times. #Adoption

The Winner By TKO



Welp … they just had their first street fight. Baby Girl won by technical knock out. Her finishing move was grabbing his hair and throwing him to the ground. He threw in the towel at that point.

I know they said kids that are close in age fight a lot when they are young but end up close in their teenage years but no one told me to expect actual, physical fights. They are babies so the damage was minimal but still .. …   ugh.



She Just Started Talking ….


Chillin’ at the grand’s house. #HairIsPoppin  #AfroPuffs

She walked around 11 months.

She started babbling around 13 months.

She’s 15 months old today and I just realized that she’s been talking for a bit now. She regularly says “thank you”, “up”, “apple”, “no”, “I want … (then she’ll sign milk)” and a few others I can’t remember just now. She’s definitely going to the smarty party! Lol

It seems that she’s just soaking up new things every day. She seems to understand 95% of what we say and now she’s able to speak. This girl is impressive.

Grateful to Parent These Two

I don’t understand when people tell us (the parents) that our kids should be appreciative to have us. They have it backwards. It’s us (the parents) that are so grateful to be able to parent such wonderful kids.

Our oldest is a mature, confident toddler. Our youngest is a dynamic, energetic little toddler. They bring my heart such joy. Having the privilege to watch them laugh and play and grow and talk and eat and walk and live ….  it’s amazing.

It. Is. Amazing.

I’m crying as I write this because I don’t have the words to express myself well. They are both sleeping so I’d better shut up ..  Lol

They are just such wonderful beings and I’m grateful that I get to be here to see it all.