Chillin’ at the Eiffel Tower

She was born in Ca to the smartest woman that ever walked the Earth and a man with a huge heart. They also happened to be alcoholics and totally wrong for each other! Lol They were divorced by the time she was two.

She has two sisters. One is Black. One is Mexican. She is the only one that is half and half. She went into foster care at 13 and aged out at 17. She went to community college, got kicked out of community college (who knew you could be kicked out of community college? Lol), transfered to university, and graduated with a B.A. in anthropology.

Back in the day …..

She got a job paying  $12 an hour and worked there until she decided that she wanted to do something different with her life. She went to grad school which catapulted her into a whole new realm. She traveled to 10 countries (Peru, Japan, UK, Spain, Netherlands, France, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Jamaica and Canada). She started a business. She committed to her life partner. She grew her business.

Speaking at a college

Things to know about her:

  • She’s definitely a “Type A” personality.
  • She loves to watch comedies.
  • She doesn’t eat pork.
  • She speaks a little English (most understand her), Spanish (some understand her), and Arabic (few understand her).
  • She loves to have adventures.
  • She has a closet full of baby things (books, bottles, clothes, even a Boppy) that she’s collected for the last two years in anticipation of adding to her family.

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