My parents are awesome and the rest of my family are there when you really need them. I guess you can say I’m the weird one of the family. I’m a bit of a introvert and a computer genius that hates being on the computer for anything other than creative reasons. I also have a huge interest in music.

I am a CSU grad with a degree in Ethnic Studies/Psychology and will always be the type of guy that has to operationally define everything but because of my poker face you would never know it. I’ve had the same friends since academia and I stay loyal to my small circle. I’m the first of my friends to get married and I’m lucky to have the best partner in the world as a wife. I don’t like to blog, but she thinks I’m great at it, so like usual, she’s probably right. Hopefully, I can pass down all the good attributes to our child and learn to better the attributes that need improving from having our child in our lives. I’m ready for the journey…

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