Adopted & Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora

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I am so excited to find out about this group for Adopted & Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora! There are opportunities to volunteer, so I’m gonna check ’em out.


30 Adoption Stories in 30 Days – Come Meet Your Son

Remember I told you that our foster care – to- adoption story was accepted into the 30 Adoption Stories in 30 Days project?

Well, it’s live!

All told, we were matched and finalized in about a year. We were matched with a healthy newborn with the specific ethnicities that match our family. We worked with amazing social workers (the baby had three over the course of a year) and our super, duper amazing adoption worker. When we started, I would have said that a story like this couldn’t happen. There are a lot of negative ideas out there about adopting from foster care. Those stories may be part of the truth, but they are not the whole truth. This is our story.

Of course there is more to the story. Check out the whole shebang over at Chicago Now.



Same Race Adoption Podcast – Adoptees Speak


I was super happy to listen to the National Awareness Adoption Month episode of the Add Water and Stir podcast about adoption. They decided to yield to the voices of 4 adoptees. I was even more thrilled to learn that two of those voices were from same-race families. Whoo hoo!

It seemed like all the families were created from domestic private adoption so I’d like to see/hear about more families created from foster care but I’ll hold on to that as a suggestion for next year’s National Adoption Awareness Month podcast.

You can listen to the whole podcast here.


Babies Sleeping Door Sign

At least twice a week someone I don’t know comes to my door. They usually ring the doorbell and knock. Loudly. Just now, someone came, uninvited, and rang the doorbell three times in a row. Both of the babies are sleeping. I wanted to hit the person with a brick.

Since that’s illegal, I’ve decided to hang a sign on the door. Perhaps this will get us some peace and quiet.


Or this one with a wax print background

Door-Sign-Babies-Sleeping-Do-Not-Ring-Doorbell-Wax-Print.fw Provides FREE Geneological Records for Black People in US

Records-SlaveryI just read that:

Millions of African Americans will soon be able to trace their families through the era of slavery, some to the countries from which their ancestors were snatched, thanks to a new and free online service that is digitizing a huge cache of federal records for the first time.

The website will be and records should be available late 2016. “All the records are expected to be online by late 2016, to coincide with the opening of the new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall in Washington.”


Michael K. Williams is Making Me Find Out My Ancestry

Now, obviously I don’t know Michael K. Williams (shout out, though! Dude was bananas in The Road!) so he isn’t really making me making me. It’s more that I saw this find out that his ancestors were Mende (from Sierra Leone) from using and I couldn’t look away.

This dude was really touched to find out that he was more than just “Black” he had a specific people …. he is Mende … along with a very close friend of his (another celebrity). I could only imagine how he must feel to know his history. I want that. Anyhoo … take a gander for yourself:


A bit about the Mende:

From the 16th through the 18th centuries, hundreds of thousands of Mendes were captured and transported to America as slaves. Regional warfare throughout the 19th century led to the capture and sale of many Mende-speakers into slavery. Most notable were those found aboard the Amistad in 1839. They eventually won their freedom and were repatriated.