Adoption Birth Certificate Arrived Today

Birth certificate sample NY

We finalized our daughter’s adoption June 2nd. Her amended birth certificate arrived today in the mail (about 42 days). We applied for her passport with her birth records and adoption paperwork and so far …  nada.

If I had known the amended birth certificate was going to arrive so quickly (the letter with the adoption paperwork said it could take up to 12 months. Eek!) I would have just waited to apply for her passport. Oh well ….

We were hoping to get down to Mexico before the summer is over. We’ll see …


Unable to Process Request for Amended Birth Certificate

Birth-CertificateAs you probably know, we finalized an adoption from foster care in May and thought that all the paperwork was taken care of. We were told that the court would take care of the paperwork and that we should just wait to receive his amended birth certificate. Well ….

Today we received a letter stating that they were “unable to process your request” because our documents didn’t have the “original court seal”. Today I returned to the court and asked what I should do. The lady at the front looked at the letter, made a copy and told me that they would resubmit.

Has anyone else experienced that? Does this happen often?

Adoption, Original Birth Certificates and Passports

Our kid(s) will need one of these …

I just read online that the passport agency will not accept a birth certificate that was created more than a year after the child’s birth date as  proof of citizenship to get a passport. Um …. huh?

…. because we like to do this.

We love to travel. We’ve been to 9 countries on 3 continents and plan on adding more stamps to our passports in the future. Now, I’m concerned that it will difficult to get a passport for our kid(s).

I’ve had concerns about the whole original birth certificate, updated birth certificate, changing the kid(s)’ name thing before and now I’m freaking out! Does anyone have information on this? If we end up with a newborn then we won’t have to cross this bridge for a few months. If we get a toddler we might want to cross it pretty soon.

This makes it seem like it might be okay:

In adoption cases, the Department will also accept the certified copy of the child’s original birth certificate as long as it is submitted with the certified copy of the adoption decree indicating the name of the child and his or her adoptive parents.

but then I hear stories like this (I know the post is old) and it makes me worried all over again:

Shortly after she applied for the passport, the State Department asked her for more information. She sent copies of her adoption papers, but months later the government asked for more documents. In April, VanderWoude sent a copy of the card showing her entry into the United States.

Thursday afternoon, an official with the passport office in Charleston called VanderWoude with unbelievable news: It could not issue her a passport because she is not a U.S. citizen.

This is an extreme example, but it makes me worried none the less.


Has anyone applied for a passport within the last year that can share their experience?