Adopted and Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora

I just found out about Adopted and Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora (AFAAD). I can’t believe I never heard of this before.  As a Black and Mexican foster care alumni and a Black and Mexican potential adoptive parent of a Black and/or Latino baby I’m THRILLED to hear about this organization. There are three chapters in the US. Every year they get together and meet. The next meeting will be in November 2013. I’ve pasted the information below.

Save the Date for 
The Fifth Annual Gathering
Adopted and Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora

Friday November 7th – Sunday November 10th, 2013

AFAAD holds an annual Gathering for Adult Adoptees and Foster Care adults of African descent. The purpose of our annual Gatherings are to make connections, network, provide healing space, and to celebrate the diversity of our amazing diaspora of transracial, international, domestic adoptees and foster care survivors.

The Gathering is a weekend of discussion, sharing research, workshops and informational sessions about multiple topics, the personal and global politics of adoption and the impact of family disruption on the global black community.

AFAAD Gathering is for adoptees and foster care alumni of African descent only, with one public education event open to the larger community and adoptive families.

Would anyone be interested in trying to start a chapter?