Family Set of Holiday Mugs

I did it!

When we were matched with our son, my sister bought us the cutest little holiday mug set. There were two large mugs and one baby sized mug. It was adorable! *in my Maui voice* Once we were matched with our daughter I realized that we needed to add another mug to our set. I looked high and low to find another baby sized mug that matched our set, but I came up with bubkis.

This year I decided that I’d just Cricut us up a set. It was more challenging than I thought it would be (small, sticky lettering that ended up crooked) but not as hard and I was afraid it would be (the Cricut does most of the work).

Family holiday mug set bears Cricut 631 vinyl

Anyhoo …   I’m proud of my crooked little family of bears holiday mug set. I found the mugs at the thrift store. I already had the vinyl. This was the first time I inverted the images (notice the parent bears kissing), used the slicing tool to weld the letters onto the image (so the words were cut out of the bear), and used 631 vinyl. I thought about 651 but I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to this look. Lol

I saw a few images that inspired me but weren’t exactly what I wanted so I got to work. I’ll probably diy a new set next holiday season but for the time being …   I’m happy.


Thundercats Birthday Party


When we seriously considered adopting a baby, one of our first concerns was: what cartoons will the baby watch. We tried to find all the good cartoons from the 80’s that we could find. Of course, Thundercats was included.

A few months ago we showed the oldest an episode of Thundercats just to see what he’d do. He took right to it. He loves the theme song. He loves the characters. He loves the weapons and the Cat’s Lair. Whoo hoo! We decided that his birthday would be a Thundercats party.

The Table

I wanted to have a practice run just to see what I could come up with. There isn’t a whole lot of 1980’s Thundercats stuff just lying around. These are photos from the practice run:


I found these images online and decided to cut them out and use them to decorate the cupcakes.


I found these red striped cupcake thingees online. A 20 pack was $3.


I used the Criket to create the words.                                                                                      Found the Cat’s Lair online, printed it, cut it out and glued it together.


Once the cupcakes were baked and cooled, I used a glue stick to attach them.


I really liked the cupcake holders. I ordered some sugar printed Thundercats cupcake toppers online but I liked these better so I stuck with them. The Cat’s Lair ended up being smaller than I originally thought it would be so I decided to nix it thought I could have printed it a larger size at Kinko’s. I also decided to go a different direction with the words above the banner.

Here are some photos from the actual event:


If I had to do it again, I’d have given the cupcakes more height. I loved the character cupcake holders though. I also really loved the packets of chips. It made it easy for the kids to grab a packet without touching all the chips. Score! I also loved the fruit tray as a quick and easy snack until the food was done. The banner from Vista Rrint pulled everything together.




I ordered this Thundercats sugar sheet on Amazon. When I wanted to use it, I cut it out, placed it on top, and I think it looks great.

Overall, I was able to make almost everything from crafting stuff I had at home or print things up from things I found for free online. I did buy the Thundercats logo svg file on Etsy for $1.50, the banner from Vista Print, and a few odds and ends to tie it all together.

The Games

If you’re going to have a bunch of little kids at your house, it’s a good idea to have some idea of what you’d like to do with them. We decided that we’d:

  • Have Thundercats coloring pages available.
  • Play Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Snarf.
  • Have a “fight” for Thundera (a bubble war).
  • Find Panthro’s treasure (a balloon popping game).

I found the coloring pages by Googling “Thundercats book” and then downloading the paged from original Thundercats activity books that come up.

I found an image of Snarf that I liked and created the image below. I had it printed at Costco for $7. Feel free to do the same. I then printed the tails at home, cut them out, and used push pins to attach the tails to the image during the game.

Pin the tail on the Snarf

Here’s the image.

Pin the tail on the Snarf TAIL

Here’s the tail.

Pin the Tail on the Snarf - Guillermo

Pin the Tail on the Snarf game in action!


After taking a turn, each kid got this sticker.

I got the weapons that the main Thundercats use by being creative. I found nunchucks on clearance at Target (2 sets for $1) and used pool noodles for Cheetarah’s staff. We bought an actual Eye of Thundera sword for the birthday kid. We started to make the cat-o-nine-tails like weapon of Tyrgra but thought better of it. Lol

We were all ready to have the kids try to pop the bubbles with the weapons but once the bubbles came out …  the kids weren’t interested in using the weapons. The adults came over to play in the bubbles too.

Bubbles - Khalil

We never made it to Panthro’s Treasure (the kids have to pop balloons to find the one with the paper that tells them that they won) because everyone was having so much fun playing with the bubbles!

After the bubbles died down a little bit, we sang Happy Birthday to the kid and lined the kids up to hit the pinata that I made (yes, I made it from scratch).

Pinata - helping out

Getting ready to wack the pinata!

We planned a two-hour party for a three year old. We planned to change activities every 15 minutes and it went pretty much to schedule (which I love)! Everyone seemed to have a good time and it was pretty easy to put together. Every time my kid sees photos from the party he yells, “Happy Birthday Party!”

We had a great time and I’m ready to get started on the Wild Ones party for our daughter.



Quick Black Widow DIY Baby CosPlay


Our nephew wanted to be Captain America for his 8th birthday. Naturally, that turned into an Avengers  themed party. We decided to dress all the kids as Avengers characters and since we only have one girl in the family, you know who became Black Widow.

Originally, I planned to sew her a little jumpsuit, add the S.H.E.I.L.D. arm patches, throw on a belt, and color her hair red using temporary hair spray (I also heard about hair chalk but I wasn’t sure how to use it). Unfortunately, the week took over (I got busy) and fear gripped me (about chemicals on her hair). I woke up Saturday morning and realized that I had a few hours to turn my 9 month old into the badass Avenger team member, Black Widow. I was able to use items that I already had lying around the house so it cost me nothing to join in the cosplay fun.


  • Long-sleeved baby bodysuit
  • Pair of black skinny leg jeans
  • Metallic silver pen
  • Black Sharpie
  • Long piece of Velcro
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Elmerps spray adhesive
  • One quarter sheet of white scrapbook paper
  • One tenth sheet of red scrapbook paper
  • One tenth sheet of black scrapbook paper

The baby already had a black, long-sleeved body suit (onsie) so I grabbed that and paired it with a pair of black Joe jeans that we picked up at a clothes swap. Black jumpsuit? Check!

I’m not an artist so I went to the internets to help me with the S.H.E.I.L.D. patches and belt. I found this great diy tutorial that gave me the specifics on what to make. Then I did an image search for the patches to print the patches so I could Sharpie them on to my scrapbook paper.


Click image to go buy the patches.



These looked great so I saved the image, printed it on regular paper, and then used them to trace the image into scrapbook paper. After coloring it in with a black Sharpie marker, I cut the circles out and attached them to her onsie using Elmer’s glue. I wanted the patched to stay on for photos but not stay on forever.

For the belt, I printed out a photo and used that to draw a silver hourglass on a sheet on white scrapbook paper with a sliver metallic pen leftover from our wedding eight years ago! I drew the hourglass and then cut out a smaller red hourglass from leftover scrapbook paper, and then an even smaller hourglass from leftover black scrapbook paper. Once I felt like the proportions were right, she IS a baby after all, I glued the red onto the metallic hourglass and the black onto the red hourglass. Making the belt buckle was the easy part. Deciding what to make the belt out of was a bit trickier.

I originally wanted to use elastic but all I had was white polyester elastic and I didn’t think it would look good if I dyed it. I also didn’t want to buy a black elastic. Luckily, I had some leftover black Velcro (my sewing stash always has Velcro! Lol) that worked perfectly. Black-Widow-CosPlay-Belt

I fitted the Velcro around her waist and made a cut. Then I cut about an inch off the rough side of the Velcro and an inch off of the  opposite end of the soft side of the Velcro. I used spray adhesive to attach the belt buckle to the end of one side of the Velcro and let it dry for about an hour.

I didn’t end up coloring her hair, though that would have made the outfit perfect! In the end, I was able to use items I already had lying around the house and it only took about 30 minutes.

Next time, I would totally do the hair though.



DIY No Sew Chef’s Hat for Toddler


Since I’m all worked up about the possibility of adding a little one to our family o three, I decided that we’d better get busy and practice making a Welcome Home cake. Then I thought, “I may as well invite the toddler to lend me a hand”. If he was gonna help, he’d need a proper uniform. This is the tutorial for how to make a diy no sew chef’s hat for your toddler.


One laptop

One printer

One sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper

One sheet of scrapbooking paper

One bottle of glue

Two sheets of gift wrapping paper



If you don’t want words on your hat, skip this step.

The first thing I did was decide that I wanted to put words on the hat. I hadn’t seen one like it but I liked the idea of adding “Big Brother” to the brim. I opened Fireworks and got the sizing and font that I liked and saved it. Then I opened up Word and added the image to the blank page. I turned it sideways to make sure that it would go across the longest edge.


I just cut off the edge of the paper and glued it to the scrapbooking paper.

I actually think I made it a big too big. I’d probably make it smaller if I was to do it again. Anyhoo …

Once the words were attached to the scrapbooking paper, I cut the scarpbooking paper to give me a strip. Then I cut another strip and glued it to the first strip to give me one long strip. Let it dry for a few minutes.

Step 2

Take your two sheets of gift wrapping paper (the kind you put inside the gift) and fold them accordion style, together. This will make the puffy, top of the hat.


I trimmed mine about 2 inches because it was too high and looked a bit strange.

It seemed a bit high as I have a small toddler, so I trimmed the paper about 2 inches.My partner liked it tall and thought I was a little bit crazy . Lol

Step 3

Now that you’re long strip (the brim) is dry, flip the long strip over and get ready to glue the accordion gift wrapping paper to the edge.


I started out gluing very methodically ….


 .. and ended up just lying a line and sticking it on. Lol


Step 4

Once you have one edge of the gift wrapping paper glued on the long strip, you need to fold the gift wrapping in half (do not crease …  unless that’s the look you’re going for) to get the other side glued to the other half of the long strip.


A diy no sew chef’s hat for your toddler!

Once it’s glued to both sides, you’ll have a hat with two open sides. You can wrangle the sides closed if you like but it wasn’t noticeable so I didn’t worry about it.

There you have it, a no sew, DIY paper chef’s hat for a toddler.


DIY Magnetic Felt Fishing Game

Felt-Fish-CuteI am working on getting together our toddler’s flight activity set and I came across this super cute do-it-yourself magnetic felt fishing game. I found several versions and I have no idea which one I’d like to make so I’m posting this to keep track of it for myself.

Cute fish with numbers (no sew)

Easy fish (no sew)

Serious DIY fish (simple sewing)



“Little Tikes Activity Garden for $5” or “I Love Thrifting”

Little-Tikes-Activity-GardenAs you probably know we love to thrift and we love diy projects. We thought that once we left retail behind and starting thrifting that we were getting great deals. Ha! Di you know that Goodwill has outlets?

Goodwill Outlets are places that sell large items for super cheap and many items at bulk rates. Today, we got a Little Tikes Activity Garden for $5.





Glowing Bath Water and Glowing Dough? Yes, Please!

Glow-in-the-darkI love, love, love making things, playing with kids and glowing things. Imagine my excitement to find these posts on Fun At Home With Kids!

One post is about making bath water glow with crushing up vitamins and other is about making dough that kids can play with that glows in the dark. Whoo hoo!

Our little one has been in the big tub since he was about 5 months old. Now, he’s swimming around by himself and blowing bubbles! I’m sure that he’ll enjoy the glowing bath water.