Date for Signing Placement Paperwork Set


This morning we got a call from our adoption worker saying that we have a date to sign our placement paperwork! I was hoping it was going to be this week but it turns out that it’s a few weeks away.

If you’ve adopted from foster care then you know that this is the last thing that has to happen before we can finalize the adoption. Last time, we got a finalization date a few weeks after our signing. We’re hoping that the same thing happens this time.



Adoption #2: Legally Free for Adoption


Just got the news that the appeals period is over and the baby is now legally free for adoption. The next step, I think, is getting a date to finalize the adoption.

We were matched in July and it’s looking like we might be finalized by February! It’s been so long that I’ve been trying to remember how it goes: matching, placement, termination of parental rights, appeals period, sign adoption papers, get a finalization date, finalize the adoption. Whoo! It took 13 months with our son. If things keep up at this pace, it’ll be 7 months for our daughter.

She’s only been here a few months but I can’t imagine our family without her. Now it looks like I won’t have to.



The Adoption is Final


I made the sign with a girlfriend. There wasn’t enough room to space the words, but you get the idea. =)

It’s done.

The journey we began in 2012 is come to it’s legal end. We are now proud parents. We weren’t sure what to expect the day of. We brought my parents and his parents. The court was doing adoptions and juvenile justice cases. We had to wait in the hallway for a woman that we’d never met before (our adoption worker couldn’t make it). She found us by walking up to our group of eight and saying, “You’re not here for adoptions”. Way to start it off! Lol

She said that she was doing three other adoptions and we’d have to wait an hour or two (my mom swore she heard her say, “Or three”) until she was done with the other ones. Fortunately, the judge felt differently. Our case was called and we all entered the court room. We sat at the table with the baby and everyone else sat on the back bench. The judge asked where our social worker was and we told her that she was down the hall. After calling the other court room, the judge decided that we’d start without her. YES!

She walked over to the table and asked us to say and spell our complete legal names. Then she asked each of us if we wanted to adopt and if we were okay with our spouse adopting. If felt like getting married all over again. I started crying and He misted up a bit. She said her spiel about us officially being parents and then we took TONS of photos. Our judge was so cool!

She gave the baby a teddy bear, let us hang our two HUGE pennants (thanks Circut!) across her desk and had her staff take photos. We got group photos with the judge, group photos with the family, photos with each set of grandparents and photos with just us and the baby. The judge smiled just as big as us.

After that, we all shuffled into the hallway to await the official paperwork. The social worker said it would be at least twenty minutes and while she was saying that, our names were called. The judge had her staff submit our paperwork while we took photos so by the time we made it into the hallway the paperwork was done!



We arrived at 7:30am (we were told to arrive by 8am) and were walking back to our cars by 9:30am. It was too early for lunch, so we headed over to His parent’s house and ate a delicious (and huge) breakfast prepared by his dad.

We took off that afternoon to celebrate with a staycation. It’s strange that things changed legally for our family (and it was an emotional rush), but nothing changed. It’s been us three for the last year. I can’t wait for the next fifty years!  =)

Adoption Finalization Poem

I keep seeing all of these super cute wall hangings and with our adoption finalization (can you believe it’s been a year since we were matched with a newborn in foster care?!) coming up in a few weeks it seemed like a good time to make a new wall hanging.

I found this poem, “We Were So Excited” and it seemed like a cute rhyme to hang up, but it didn’t quite fit our family so I made a few tweaks:

Adoption-Poem-Elephant-Image.fwIt’s definitely not as cute as it was, but it really fits our unconventional family. I wish it flowed better, but I’m not a poet. I guess this is just one more example of how I’m not perfect, but I try very hard.  =)


Signed Adoption Placement Agreement Today!

Adoption Placement AgreementWe have taken the last step towards finalizing our adoption from foster care: we signed the adoption placement agreement! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was like buying a house. There was tons of paperwork and lots of signatures needed.

There weren’t any bad surprises but there was one good one: his last social worker was able to get a TON of family history. It was weird reading through the history of people that we haven’t met but it’s good information to know.

We let the baby play with the toys and crawl around the room. At the end we took some photos. We left with a ton of copies (we each got a set) and big smiles. We don’t have our finalization date yet but that was the last hurdle. As I understand it, our adoption worker will take all of the paperwork to court and ask to get our case put on the docket. The court will give her a date. We’ll show up and talk with the judge, sign more papers and snap some photos.

The adoption worker said that we’re probably looking at late June/early July. We’ll be cutting it close for his passport, but we’re going to make it work.

*feeling good*


Adoption Placement Paperwork Signing Scheduled

Parenting-After-AdoptionOur adoption worker just called to schedule our adoption placement paperwork next month! Whoo hoo!

After we sign and they get everything over to the courts, she said we’ll be able to finalize in about two weeks! It’s all so anti-climactic. You spend so much time filling out paperwork and walking on pins and needles to make sure everything is going well and then you get matched and then you have a kid in your house and it’s weird and then ….  it’s not …. and you kind of forget that this kid is still in foster care and then you get a call saying that this is it …  you’re going to officially …. formally … legally … be a family and it’s bananas!

It’s just a phone call.

A phone call …   that changes everything and nothing. We’ve been living together and loving each other for a year now so that doesn’t change … but …  it’s official and something does change. It’s so odd. It’s like a wedding day …  the joining of two families. It’s not the wedding that’s important it’s the marriage and I know that parenting this kid for the next 50 years will be scary … and amazing ….  and consuming ….  and enjoyable … and things I can’t even imagine right now …. but all I can focus on it that day … that actual day …  we will legally become a family.

Social Worker Came By

Almost-ThereHis social worker came by today and told us that we are almost at finalization! Whoo hoo!

She said all that’s left is for her to receive his medical information, create an adoption packet, give that packet to our adoption worker and have us sign the adoption placement papers.

She said that finalization usually happens a few weeks after the signing. She hopes that she’ll have the medical paperwork by the end of April. We might be able to finalize in June …  perhaps May! He’s been with us so long that sometimes I forget that legally he’s not ours. I can’t wait to sign those papers.