Help Kids Regulate Emotions


I saw this on a friend’s webpage and I wanted to save it for my kids:

I found this exercise for children rather inspired to help them learn about emotion regulation and normalizing negative emotions for their temporary necessity. I like this for teaching kids there are many normal negative or unpleasant emotions other than anger.

You need: Bubbles

Have your child blow as many bubbles as they want, and let them know that these bubbles are representing all of their negative feelings. This could be sadness, anger, fear… tell them to visualize all of these things going away as the bubbles float on through the air. Once they’re done, repeat the following:

Sadness, tears, worry fears, thank you for you.
You’ve been helpful and you’ve been true.
Into these bubbles it’s you I blow,
So I can smile and let you go!

Remember to talk to them about bottling up emotions and how it’s important to talk through them and let them fly away!


DIY Magnetic Felt Fishing Game

Felt-Fish-CuteI am working on getting together our toddler’s flight activity set and I came across this super cute do-it-yourself magnetic felt fishing game. I found several versions and I have no idea which one I’d like to make so I’m posting this to keep track of it for myself.

Cute fish with numbers (no sew)

Easy fish (no sew)

Serious DIY fish (simple sewing)