Mother’s Day 2017

African American toddler is excited because her sister called her.


Ah …  Mother’s Day. A day I loathe. I wake up and everyone is talking about their mothers and sharing photos of their mothers and I ..   have nothing.

My mom is dead.

My grandma is dead.

I think about it more today because it’s being shoved in my face. This morning I cried. Then I cried some more. Then I held my daughter … and cried. Then I held my partner … and cried.

Ugh ….

Then I saw that I missed six texts from my sister. She was sending me an Amazon Fresh delivery and wanted to know what I wanted. She said that since today is Mother’s Day, she thought she’d save me a chore. How sweet is that?

That led to an offer to host the finalization party for our daughter at her house.

We chatted for a bit and by the time we got off the phone, I felt much better.

I wanted to hug her through the phone.



Happy Mother’s Day

It's (almost) official.

It’s (almost) official.

Last year, we celebrated Mother’s Day but I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. We were matched with a lovely baby boy. We fed him every two hours. We bathed him with a sponge. We put cute outfits on him. He wasn’t ours. When you try to adopt from foster care, you’re never sure how the cards will be played.

This year we’re almost 100% sure (nothing is really ever 100% when you’re adopting from foster care, no?) that this match will become a finalized adoption. Our lives are gelling more and more. I’m thrilled this year to be celebrating Mother’s Day.

Family is Good

This week my family came out to welcome the baby to our family! It was amazing! We went to the beach. We went to Disneyland (yes, we took the baby and got a photo with Mickey Mouse!). We went to the old city and had lunch.

We sat around the house and let the kids run like banshees. We watched little kid movies. We played little kid games. We had a water balloon fight.

On the last day, my sister burst into my room with a beautiful card, balloons and Jelly Belly candies to welcome me into the cult of motherhood! The week was absolutely amazing and I’m so glad that people are welcoming the baby into our family!

Mother's Day love.

Mother’s Day love.

We even had the chance to sit down and talk about how we might feel if the adoption didn’t go through. Doing adoption from foster care is scary. I’m glad that my family is willing to open their hearts to the baby and hope, along with us, that we are chosen to give him a home. If we aren’t the ones, that’s okay too. Perhaps his family will get it together and he’ll go back to them. Either way, our week was great. We feel loved. Life is good.

Mother’s Day eCards for Activisits, Blacks, Latinos, First Nation People, Etc.


What a great idea!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve searched for a card to give a loved one that accurately reflects our relationship. Born day (birthday, earthday, etc.), graduation, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and the like all find me searching the isles like the cure for cancer is buried in one of those little pockets full of cards with smiling white people or sugary sweet words that don’t reflect how I feel. The Mahogany Cards? Ugh! They are either religious or too “sassy” (giiiirl!) for my taste.

Finally I found some cards that speak to me. Strong Families has come up with a line of eCards that celebrate different families and make an effort to put into words all of the different emotions that people in family groups have for each other. Love it!

Here are a few of my favorites below:









Check out all of the Strong Families cards.