Cesarean Socials Are a Thing


A woman in an online group I’m in asked about a cute name for a party to celebrate a mom that’s having a cesarean. I’m sure we’ll all heard of Push Parties. Many women give birth by pushing a baby down the birth canal …  but not all women. She wanted to be celebrated for carrying life and birthing by cesarean but wanted a cute name.

When I Googled “cesarean party” what came up were articles about how having a cesarean was no picnic and was the easy way of giving birth. While those articles are valid, it wasn’t really what I was looking for. Eventually, I looked up synonyms for “party” and chose something that sounded good together. Viola, you have the cesarean Social!

I’m pretty excited about it. I can’t wait for a friend to have a baby via c section so I can throw my first Cesarean Social!  =)



Thundercats Birthday Party


When we seriously considered adopting a baby, one of our first concerns was: what cartoons will the baby watch. We tried to find all the good cartoons from the 80’s that we could find. Of course, Thundercats was included.

A few months ago we showed the oldest an episode of Thundercats just to see what he’d do. He took right to it. He loves the theme song. He loves the characters. He loves the weapons and the Cat’s Lair. Whoo hoo! We decided that his birthday would be a Thundercats party.

The Table

I wanted to have a practice run just to see what I could come up with. There isn’t a whole lot of 1980’s Thundercats stuff just lying around. These are photos from the practice run:


I found these images online and decided to cut them out and use them to decorate the cupcakes.


I found these red striped cupcake thingees online. A 20 pack was $3.


I used the Criket to create the words.                                                                                      Found the Cat’s Lair online, printed it, cut it out and glued it together.


Once the cupcakes were baked and cooled, I used a glue stick to attach them.


I really liked the cupcake holders. I ordered some sugar printed Thundercats cupcake toppers online but I liked these better so I stuck with them. The Cat’s Lair ended up being smaller than I originally thought it would be so I decided to nix it thought I could have printed it a larger size at Kinko’s. I also decided to go a different direction with the words above the banner.

Here are some photos from the actual event:


If I had to do it again, I’d have given the cupcakes more height. I loved the character cupcake holders though. I also really loved the packets of chips. It made it easy for the kids to grab a packet without touching all the chips. Score! I also loved the fruit tray as a quick and easy snack until the food was done. The banner from Vista Rrint pulled everything together.




I ordered this Thundercats sugar sheet on Amazon. When I wanted to use it, I cut it out, placed it on top, and I think it looks great.

Overall, I was able to make almost everything from crafting stuff I had at home or print things up from things I found for free online. I did buy the Thundercats logo svg file on Etsy for $1.50, the banner from Vista Print, and a few odds and ends to tie it all together.

The Games

If you’re going to have a bunch of little kids at your house, it’s a good idea to have some idea of what you’d like to do with them. We decided that we’d:

  • Have Thundercats coloring pages available.
  • Play Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Snarf.
  • Have a “fight” for Thundera (a bubble war).
  • Find Panthro’s treasure (a balloon popping game).

I found the coloring pages by Googling “Thundercats book” and then downloading the paged from original Thundercats activity books that come up.

I found an image of Snarf that I liked and created the image below. I had it printed at Costco for $7. Feel free to do the same. I then printed the tails at home, cut them out, and used push pins to attach the tails to the image during the game.

Pin the tail on the Snarf

Here’s the image.

Pin the tail on the Snarf TAIL

Here’s the tail.

Pin the Tail on the Snarf - Guillermo

Pin the Tail on the Snarf game in action!


After taking a turn, each kid got this sticker.

I got the weapons that the main Thundercats use by being creative. I found nunchucks on clearance at Target (2 sets for $1) and used pool noodles for Cheetarah’s staff. We bought an actual Eye of Thundera sword for the birthday kid. We started to make the cat-o-nine-tails like weapon of Tyrgra but thought better of it. Lol

We were all ready to have the kids try to pop the bubbles with the weapons but once the bubbles came out …  the kids weren’t interested in using the weapons. The adults came over to play in the bubbles too.

Bubbles - Khalil

We never made it to Panthro’s Treasure (the kids have to pop balloons to find the one with the paper that tells them that they won) because everyone was having so much fun playing with the bubbles!

After the bubbles died down a little bit, we sang Happy Birthday to the kid and lined the kids up to hit the pinata that I made (yes, I made it from scratch).

Pinata - helping out

Getting ready to wack the pinata!

We planned a two-hour party for a three year old. We planned to change activities every 15 minutes and it went pretty much to schedule (which I love)! Everyone seemed to have a good time and it was pretty easy to put together. Every time my kid sees photos from the party he yells, “Happy Birthday Party!”

We had a great time and I’m ready to get started on the Wild Ones party for our daughter.



Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party

Cover-Photo.fwSince we took the baby to Hawai’i to kick off his birthday celebration, we decided to theme his formal party Hawai’i as well. I went onto the internet to get some ideas and mixed them with the great ideas of a close friend and ….  viola!

Cupcakes-Surfboards.fwThe thing I’m most proud of is this surfboard cupcake tree. I made a batch of yellow cupcakes ($0.99 on sale), slathered some blue frosting on top (Pillsbury Funfetti Frosting – Aqua Blue from Target $1.80 on sale), used sugar surfboards (Sugar Decorations Cookie Cake Cupcake Swim SURF BOARDS 12 ct. $8.50) and glued a photo of the baby to a skewer as the decorative ornament. It looks amazing!

Everyone said that the sugar surfboards looked great and tasted even better. I’m really glad that I created something a bit unique that brought our trip to Oahu to our friends and family.


Drink-Deep-Blue-Sea.fwDrink-Island-Punch.fwThere aren’t very many blue colored drinks, so I bought two different flavors of Hawaiian Punch (did you see what I did there? Lol) and poured them in the drink holders. The special details that we added included the twine and seashells glued on and the little signs that we printed out and tied on with a ribbon.

Coconuts.fwWe had pineapples on the table, though they aren’t indigenous to Hawai’i, because many people think of pineapples when thinking of Hawai’i. It added a level of visual texture that was nice.

We also got some Whoppers chocolate candies and put them in a bucket labeled “coconuts”. I wanted to have some rock candy labeled “Lava” but they didn’t have it at our grocery store and I didn’t have time to stop by Party City. It would have been cute though.

Cake.fwI made another yellow cake, decorated it with white frosting and dropped some confetti on top. It was so windy, we were at the beach, that the candle wouldn’t stay lit. Lol

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and how easy it was to pull together in one afternoon. Everyone had a good time and it looked beautiful.

Changing My Mind About His 1st Born Day Party

Cake-Born-Day-1I’ve been dreaming about the baby’s first born day party since we were placed …. okay …  since I thought about really having a baby in our family! Lol Anyhoo …

We went to his first social event today. It was our friend’s daughter’s first birthday party and it was beautiful! There was a decadent desert table. Everything was perfectly color coordinated. The baby wore an outfit that tied in perfectly to the color scheme. The cake? Amazing! Actually, there were two cakes. There was a two level cake with glitter in the fondant and there was a smaller cake for the baby to play with. The daughter took her “official” smash cake photos a few weeks ago. It was everything that I thought I wanted a born day party to be except …. the personalities at the party didn’t mesh. First-Birthday-Desert-Table

It’s not that they didn’t mesh well. It’s that they didn’t mesh … at all. Guests were from all walks of life. There were three areas that people could be in and people were segmented into all three areas. There were no games to get to know each other. There was no attempt by most people to speak to the other guests. Just because that happened at this party, doesn’t mean that it will happen at his party. Our Baby Welcoming was wonderful! Still ….

First-Birthday-Cake-Animals-Tri-Level-BlueOn the way home I mentioned it to Him and he casually said that he would prefer a small party with just the three of us. How sweet! Now I’m really thinking about getting a small cake and taking some photos and leaving it at that.

What do you think? What did you do to celebrate your little one’s first birthday?


First Born Day Thoughts

first-birthday-candleNow that we have a placement that looks like it’s going to finalization (we have a court date for termination of parental rights) there is talk about how to celebrate his first born day. My mother went all out for my first born day. There were engraved invitations, shrimp, etc. I don’t remember any of it, but it makes me feel special when my family talks about it. They tell me how much my mother mooned over me and made a HUGE deal out of it. She goes BIG for every born day, holiday, etc. I’m gonna do the same for my kid(s). Right now he’s only 3 months, but I’m already planning. I’m going IN! Lol

What did you do to celebrate your kid’s first born day?

Any tips?