Passport Attempt #1 – The Phone Call

phone call

In case  you haven’t been following along on our passport drama for kid two here’s the skinny:

  • We move and misplace original birth certificate for our daughter.
  • We ask adoption worker for another copy of birth certificate and she says no.
  • Adoption worker says we can get a passport without a birth certificate.
  • We finalize the adoption.
  • We apply for passport with birth records.
  • We go on staycation and place mail on hold. We get an email saying that we were receiving a letter from the passport folks. We return and get no letter. We tell USPS and no one cares. We end up calling the passport folks.
  • We speak with a customer service rep who tells us he can’t tell us what was in the letter but he’ll have someone from the office call us to chat.
  • We miss the call.
  • We return the call and no one picks up. We leave a message.
  • A woman returns the call and tells us that 1) the laws have changed and you do need a birth certificate to get a passport and 2) we need to sign a declaration saying that she doesn’t have a social yet.
  • We’re waiting on the letter to arrive in our inbox so we can get the birth certificate in the mail.

Ugh …..




Adoption Birth Certificate Arrived Today

Birth certificate sample NY

We finalized our daughter’s adoption June 2nd. Her amended birth certificate arrived today in the mail (about 42 days). We applied for her passport with her birth records and adoption paperwork and so far …  nada.

If I had known the amended birth certificate was going to arrive so quickly (the letter with the adoption paperwork said it could take up to 12 months. Eek!) I would have just waited to apply for her passport. Oh well ….

We were hoping to get down to Mexico before the summer is over. We’ll see …

Passport Attempt #1

We took the passport application, her photos, the adoption order, the adoption decree, and some birth records that we found in our placement paperwork to library. The lady wasn’t sure if they would issue a passport without a birth certificate, etc. Our adoption worker assured us that we’d be able to get her passport without a birth certificate.

The woman that processed our application didn’t seem too sure.

We’ll see ….

Passport Drama for Adoption #2

passport map

With the first adoption, we had a copy of the original birth certificate. We got the photos at AAA for $7. The Wednesday after finalization, we took our adoption order, the application we filled out, and the other paperwork and went to the library to turn in everything. The person that took the paperwork was very kind. We had a passport for the 1 year old within two weeks.

This time around, things are a bit different. We were given an original birth certificate for this baby but we moved ….  and now I can’t find it. When I asked our adoption worker for another one, she said they couldn’t give it to me due to privacy concerns (we already had one) which made me shake my head. All we have is the adoption finalization paperwork and the medical files from the birth.

When I asked my adoption group if we’d be able to get a passport with that information, the responses ranged from “just take the original birth certificate” (which is no help) to “get your attorney to get it for you” (which is also no help).

Yesterday, our adoption worker called to see if we want to keep our case open or close it. She casually asked where we’re taking our babies (after finalization last time, we took our baby to South Africa) and I told her, “No where”. My plan was to wait the six to twelve months until her amended birth certificate came in and then visit somewhere. She said that she’s had several adoptive families get a passport after finalization with just the two documents that we got after court. She said to make color copies (don’t give the originals to the passport folks) to turn in with the application.

She sounded so sure.

I’m making an appointment for next week. We shall see.

The Passport Arrived!

Passport-Arrived.fwHis passport arrived! Whoo hoo!

Making sure that we get had in passport in time to visit South Africa has been giving me palpitations over the last few months! Lol I have been doing research, and finding conflicting information, so I wasn’t sure if they would accept his application with the paperwork that we had available.

I was worried about what day we’d finalize the adoption. I was worried about when and how we’d be able to apply for his passport (our closest Post Office wouldn’t return my calls). I was worried about if they would accept the documentation that we had. Well, I guess none of it mattered.


We finalized our adoption Friday, May 29th.

We applied for the passport Wednesday, June 3rd. We submitted his original birth certificate (they say it’ll take at least 3 months for his amended one to arrive), the Adoption Decree and two photos taken at AAA (getting the guy to take the photos was a hassle, but they came out just fine).

His passport arrived June 19th.

I guess I was worried for nothing!  =)  #InternationalBaby

Passport for Recently Adopted Todder Pt. 1

Passport-Toddler-BlogToday we submitted the application for the baby (is he a toddler now? He’s cruising, not quite toddling yet) to get a passport at our local library. We finalized Friday and my plan was to go directly from the court house to the passport office. Apparently, most passport offices require an appointment.

I tried to make an appointment and ended up playing a game of tag. After doing some research, I found out that my local library processes passport applications AND they don’t require an appointment. Score!

We showed up with a completed passport application, a money order for $80 (made out to the Dept. of State), a money order for $25 (made out to the library), the baby’s original birth certificate, our adoption order, both parents (that’s us now) and our state-issued identification. The baby doesn’t have a social security number yet, so the application said to write in, “000-00-0000”.

The passport agent accepted the application, but I’m still worried. Officially it takes 4-6 weeks for our application to be processed but the guy said it might be as early as 3 weeks. We shall see ….

Passport Turnaround Time for Recent Adoptions

Help-520x437Here’s the timeline we’re looking at:

  • Adoption finalized first week in June (hopefully, we don’t have a date yet)
  • Amended birth certificate arrives first week in August (the website is saying to expect a two month wait)
  • Pay for expedited passport for child (a few extra dollars)
  • Leave for South Africa August 13th (tickets are already purchased)

Is this possible? I also saw that I could apply for a passport with his original birth certificate, which we have, and his adoption decree. Is that true? How soon will I get a copy of the adoption decree?

His social worker said that they would okay a passport now, but, “When the adoption is finalized they’ll only update his name”. What else is on a kid’s passport that would need to be changed?