About Us



We met in undergrad. He was an Africana Studies major with a minor in Psychology. She was an Anthropology (cultural) major with a minor in business management. We saw each other around campus one spring semester. When fall semester came around we ended up setting up our club booths across the way from each other. He was President of the PLO (People’s Library Organization). She was the President of the American Marketing Association on campus. While walking to the dorms after cleaning up we realized that we had apartments in the same building.

Fast forward a few years. She is in grad school and decides that she wants to fulfill a dream of visiting Spain. He signs on for the adventure. We spent almost three weeks backpacking through Spain, UK, Netherlands, and France (on accident). This trip was when we knew it would work. Once you’ve had to depend on each other to find a place to sleep (we made no reservations before we left), depend on each other to speak (only one of us speaks Spanish), and lean on each other when things are stressful (we missed our flight from Amsterdam back to Madrid) you know that you have found a partner.


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