Earrings for Toddler


Since our baby girl is still in foster care (we hope the adoption will finalize this spring), we have to ask permission to get her ears pierced. I’ve gone back and forth about it since some folks think putting holes in a person without their permission is cruel and/or unsafe. I have weighed how she might feel about it in the future versus how I grew up, and how I hope she gets to experience community.

My ears were pierced as a baby so wearing earrings is all I know. When I was in middle school, a friend talked me into getting an extra hole. I made it all the way down to the piercing place, but couldn’t go through with it. I’m scary. Lol I’m super glad that my parents had my ears pierced as a baby or I’d be stuck wearing clip ons (ouch!) or magnets (double ouch!) or stickers that are made for children.

We’re gonna get ’em pierced and hope that she appreciates it in the future.

Anyhoo … the real point of this post is about what kind of earrings we should buy. I see articles suggesting something without nickel and other suggesting specific metals like titanium or 14k gold.

Anyone have any advice? What kind of earrings should we buy? Also, where do we get it done? I asked at our pediatrician’s office and they said that they don’t do it.


Our Family Recognized


Our adoption worker had to present a case at a regional meeting and she chose ours! I wrote up a little about experience and she presented it at the meeting. I guess it went well because I just received this phone message from her supervisor:

I just wanted to say thank you for sending that right up over about your experience. I had an opportunity tonight or today to share that with all of our our entire region, and it was received very well everyone has a really pleased and excited for your daughter and for your son, and really just excited to have you guys as a part of our team as well, so thank you again for the ride up, and thank you for loving on these babies.

Isn’t that cool? We don’t do anything special in our house. I tend to think our home is full of chaos (2 babies and a HUGE pup!) and craziness. We do babywear, use baby-led weaning, and other crunchy tactics but mostly we just chill with our family. It’s good to hear that though our family isn’t perfect, and is a bit small and broken, it’s good …  yeah …  still good.


Baby Girl Took a Step!


Practicing standing up in Baltimore at the Wizard of Oz playground.

Baby girl has been standing for about a month now. I figured that she’d hold on to things for a while and perhaps move on to walking around 13 or 14 months. Not this chickadee!

Last night she was standing in the living room (we were waiting on her social worker to come over so she was up a bit later than usual) and she took a step. Can you believe it?! It was just a little step but ….  I’m over the moon!

Today, she took a step three times. She is ready to rock and roll! Her birthday is coming up and my guess is that she’ll be dancing at her party!



AgDisovery FREE Summer Camp from USDA


Photo from internet.

I just found out about the AgDiscovery program from the USDA. It’s a free summer program that exposes kids to different careers. It looks super fun. My kids are too young to attend, but I thought I’d tuck it away for later.

“AgDisovery is a summer enrichment camp designed to create aware in youth ages 12-17 about careers in USDA-APHIS. This program is a partnership between APHIS, colleges and universities.”

There are 4 different programs that kids get to enroll in: Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, Agribusiness and Plant Pathology. Kids will not only learn but get to apply to attend a program in the U.S. Virgin Islands and other places around the U.S.

As we plan to worldschool, this cool, FREE summer camp looks right up our alley. Please let me know if anyone has experience with it.


Worldschooling Provides Perspective


A mural about the liberation of South Viet Nam in Saigon 2016.

Most people have heard of homeschooling but few have heard of unschooling (we’re giddy everytime we something about it like here and here) and even fewer have heard of worldschooling.

Homeschooling – doing school stuff at home.

Unschooling – there is no set curriculum. You follow the child’s lead in regard to what they’d like to learn.

Worldschooling – letting the world be your child’s learning environment.

I like to think that we are an unschooling-worldschooling family. We already travel a lot so why not make a conscious effort to educate our children about the world they live in while were’ doing it. When we were in Viet Nam we visited a few museums. It was interesting to see the war from the other side. I’m thrilled that my children will learn about world events from different perspectives.

We’re just getting started but so far my oldest (he’s two) has visited Chicago, Oahu, Dallas, Atlanta, Niagra Falls, South Africa, Brazil, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. We’ve seen forests and waterfalls. We’ve visited museums.  We’ve eaten new things. We’ve met new people. We’ve experienced lots of new things and we’ve come across TONS of similarities.

I can’t wait to talk with them about  tidbits in history, mathematics, physics, music, and anything else that we might come across! I don’t know what our future holds but I hope it helps shape them into the best versions of themselves.

Climbing Out of …. Everything #ToddlersGonnaToddle


So this week we’re staying at a new hotel. This hotel has a “kids room” with a door and a tv and bunkbeds. I basically thought it would be a good place to put them when they are playing because our toddler still sleeps in the travel playpen and the baby sleeps in our bed.

When we arrived, the toddler runs over to the bunkbeds and begins playing on it. The little one soon joins in. Both children seem to be enjoying the new toy. The toddler asks to be put on the top bunk and my partner is worried that 1) he wouldn’t be able to climb up 2) he might fall off 3) that he might fall on the baby. I’m a free-range parent and I generally let the toddler make his way in the world (as long as it’s not obviously a risk for death). I will support him emotionally (“Stretch your toe and you’ll be able to feel the ground. You can do it!”) and physically (giving him a “spot” as backup) but I try to leave the decisions about actions he can attempt up to him.

When he tried to climb the ladder, you know he tried to climb the ladder, I encouraged my partner to support the toddler in his attempt. My toddler climbed up, down, back up, and down again with no problem!

I was over the moon that he had achieved his goal. We did a happy dance. He started to go up again ……  and he fell off. We told him that we all make mistakes and we were proud of him for trying. You know what? Without any encouragement to try again …. he started climbing again. He did it a few more times and didn’t fall.  =)

What I didn’t realize was that this meant he could also crawl out of his travel playpen. We used to be able to pen him in and eventually he’d go to sleep. Those days are gone.   =(  #ToddlersGonnaToddle


Second Adoption TPR Granted

Baby girl had a termination of parental rights hearing on Thursday. I called her adoption worker that afternoon, but she said that she hadn’t attended the hearing and didn’t know what happened. She said the minute order wasn’t posted but that she’s see what was happening and give me a call back.

Monday rolled around and I hadn’t heard about the hearing so I gave her a call. She said only a supervisor could see the minute orders so she didn’t know anything yet. She told me that she was off Tuesday so she’d give me a call Wednesday. Hmmmm …

I called our adoption worker and asked if she knew. She also said that only supervisors could read the minute orders. She said she’d see if she could get her hands on the hearing info. She called me back in about an hour and said that the termination of parental rights had happened. Baby girl’s parents had 60 days to appeal the ruling. We had another hearing scheduled for November and if nothing went wrong, the case would be transferred from foster care to adoptions. She also said that if things kept up, at this pace the adoption could be finalized as early and February! Wow!

Our toddler’s adoption took almost a year to the day for matching, placement, termination of parental rights, and finalization and I thought that was pretty quick. This one is zooming by. At this rate, it’ll be about six months in total!

We’re working her baby welcoming. The holidays are quickly approaching. Before you know it, her finalization party will be happening.