We Got The Call: Little Girl


I know the front is missing, but the image looked better this way.

We got The Call!

We got The Call!

Our adoption worker called bright and early Monday morning and told us that we were matched with an eight month old girl! Since she’s a bit older than our son when we were matched, we’re familiar to the process but things may be closer together or further apart then the last time. Our son was a newborn in the hospital when we got The Call, so we didn’t have to worry of transitioning him from a foster home to our home. We also didn’t have to worry about a medical disclosure meeting. She gave us the details over the phone (we was only a few days old, after all) and we picked him up and went home.

This little girl has been in foster care so we’re gonna have a few visits before she can come home. Wait, I’m getting a head of myself.

We have a medical disclosure meeting Thursday. If we like what we hear, we may have a chance to meet her after the meeting. After that, we’d have a few visits before she would actually move to our home.

It’s so different. When we brought home our son, it was our first placement and we weren’t sure if we would actually be able to adopt him. I really enjoyed being with him but I made sure to keep my heart guarded until I was sure that we were going to be a family. This time around my heart is wide open!

I understand the process better and I trust our adoption worker.

I spent the day being giddy and calling loved ones (so much for work!). I started nesting immediately. We went and got a crib, put it together, and put sheets and a crib skirt on it. We haven’t even met her yet, but I’m over the moon!

Hopefully, things will go well at the medical disclosure meeting and we’ll have a new addition to our family soon.



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